1200 days logging in - progress pics incl!

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Title says it all really! Consistency is key!!

1200 days ago vs today
Down 126lbs in total since the beginning (long long time ago!)



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    That's amazing. Well done to you.
  • mazdauk
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    Amazing, you have worked hard. Is it really the same person? How did you get your stomach soooooo flat!
  • debisjazz
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    Amazing! Good for you!
  • carengeisler
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    This is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!
  • BrutalMeHonest
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    Wooo! You look so happy! Awesome job!
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    Good job
  • kgb6days
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    WOW - not only have you lost weight but it appears you have completely transformed your entire body. What a great example
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    Lost weight AND tone body, Great job!
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    Wow! Congratulations. Your dedication has really paid off.
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    psych101 wrote: »
    mazdauk wrote: »
    Amazing, you have worked hard. Is it really the same person? How did you get your stomach soooooo flat!

    Yup! Same person!! Both me!

    Heavy lifting, focus on protein, moderate deficit, time, and genetics I guess! Also followed a thread on here from years ago by my lovely pal @usmcmp called "so you want a nice stomach" - her advice changed my entire path :smile:

    <3 You look incredible and have worked very hard to get there! It was all you girl!
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    You look incredible well done!
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    Awesome transformation..Well done. A true inspiration for the people
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    Wow! You look incredible. So, a question if it's ok. No skin loss surgery on the stomach? I am 5'2" and have lost 20 pounds with another 70 to go and just wonder if i will need anything surgically after.
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    AMAZING! you look great!!
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    Great job !!!!
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    Wow incredible, you look amazing