Snacking after dinner.

I do great with my food, calories and tracking during the day, but at night I cant resist snacking on salty crunchy food like pretzels and popcorn and crackers. I am looking for a solution.


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    Pre-log your day including your evening snacks, nothing wrong with snacking if it fits your goal. If you're not fitting your calorie goal, go for a walk in the evening or do some other exercise. Popcorn is fairly low calorie by comparison to other snack foods, try weighing it out into portioned tubs.
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    Are these snacks putting you over your calorie goals? There's nothing wrong with snacking, or with eating at night, if you're still under your calorie goal for the day.

    If they are causing you to go over your calories, I'd just budget for them. Set aside a few calories each day for your snack, and measure it out so you aren't tempted to keep eating more.
  • leajas1
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    I always allocate calories for after dinner.
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    I always eat a protein bar hours after dinner. I pre plan and make sure I have room for it.
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    OMG, this WAS my downfall as well. I decided that I would incorporate ONE snack (160cal) into my daily calorie total for after dinner. I found hull-less corn puffs that are super light, it looks like a lot of snack and satisfied the crunch thing. BUT, I weigh out a 1ounce snack, put them in ziplock bags so I'm not tempted (or make it mindful). So far so good, for me. I look forward to it and feel that I'm not denying myself. HTH B)
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    Stove-top popcorn is a nice low calorie way to get the salty crunch you might want! Avoid microwave popcorn. And, don't pour melted butter all over the stove-top popcorn. I go for more savory options, like adding garlic powder, or Good Seasons Italian dressing powder and grated Parmesan cheese. Be sure of your portions with these, though, to make sure you're logging properly. With making your own stove-top popcorn you can control how much popcorn is there to eat - no over eating unless you make too much! :smile:
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    Today, I didn't eat much during the day ... I don't on Mondays because of my work/uni schedule ... and then I went to spinning class and the gym.

    Dinner was at about 7 pm and since then I've consumed, crackers, yogurt, toast with nutella and honey, and a cookie.

    I was hungry and it all fits within my calorie limit. :)

    There's nothing wrong with snacking as long as it fits within your calorie limit. :)
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    I usually have about 30-50 grams of air popped popcorn at night for the crunchy snack. I always preferred no butter or oil or any toppings so I am able to eat more than if I had the toppings on. I make a huge bowl and just snack on it all night.
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    I eat loads of low calorie snacks during the whole day and still losing weight so don't worry
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    I snack just about every night! I am not as hungry in the mornings, so I usually opt for a smaller breakfast so I have some calories left for a snack after dinner. It is usually a sweet snack, but sometimes I am craving something salty and popcorn is my go to in those instances.
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    No need for a solution if the after dinner snacks fit your calories! I eat 500+ calories before bed.