Reward system

I am curious - do you have a reward system?
How does it look?
Does it help you stay motivated?


  • Alatariel75
    Alatariel75 Posts: 17,959 Member
    I too am of the "the results are the reward" crew.

    I find that the more I make this way of eating a part of every day life, and not something 'special' or noteworthy, the easier it is to do long term.
  • MimGSR
    MimGSR Posts: 61 Member
    I do! I've based it on achievements rather than weight. A lot of the rewards are jewellery or accessories as once I'm down to goal weight I plan on completely changing my wardrobe. I recently rewarded myself with a pair of earrings after achieving my leg press aim :) I also got a new hat after managing to give up chocolate for all of lent. I’m doing Couch to 5k and I plan to buy a fitness tracker after running my first 5k. I also have new trainers, a diary, running headphones, and some new boots on my wish list.
  • Machka9
    Machka9 Posts: 24,840 Member
    Losing weight and being able to do more was my reward.
  • junodog1
    junodog1 Posts: 4,792 Member
    I don't have a planned reward system, but I did reward my first 25 pounds down by purchasing a fit bit. (And I am so happy I did.) So I might justify some future purchase as either a reward for doing it or as a tool to help me do better. Like I've been thinking of a mani-pedi when I hit 199.
  • Alidecker
    Alidecker Posts: 1,262 Member
    I did in the beginning, I had a lot of weight to lose. The first 25# I bought some new workout clothes, when I hit 50#, I bought new gym shoes, 75#, more clothes and 100# a new grill. I really ended up buying more workout clothes besides, that, but I bought more expensive stuff when I hit a goal.
  • SeikoMonster
    SeikoMonster Posts: 105 Member
    For my 100 pounds lost this year and my weight starting with a 2 for the first time since high school... I bought new clothes because the old ones don't fit! That is a pretty awesome reward in itself.
    Not having to pay DXL $40 for a tee shirt and being able to buy a $5 one at walmart was a life changing experience.

    In fact today I boxed up all my old dress shirts and pants to drop off at goodwill on the way to the gym this afternoon.
  • Seffell
    Seffell Posts: 2,221 Member
    Losing weight for me.

    I just recently gained the weight so I just want it gone and myself back to normal.
  • Lizzy622
    Lizzy622 Posts: 3,705 Member
    Jealous husband - because everyone is telling him how good his wife looks
  • qpmomma1
    qpmomma1 Posts: 221 Member
    Buying new clothes that are cute and that fit.
  • Rebecca0224
    Rebecca0224 Posts: 810 Member
    I don't need to be rewarded for living a normal healthy life. When I stopped looking at what I eat as anything other than normal I didn't need rewards.
  • ValeriePlz
    ValeriePlz Posts: 517 Member
    I got Birchbox as a treat - fun makeup / hair / lotion samples.
  • NorthCascades
    NorthCascades Posts: 10,970 Member
    When I was losing weight, each pound made me faster going up hills, which was a hell of a reward.
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 32,055 Member
    I'm in the "weight loss is its own reward" camp, big time. It improved my daily functioning, and my health markers, not to mention my overall sense of well-being.

    However, if someone tends to reward him/herself with food, then I think it could be a good transitional strategy to use some non-food rewards for meeting weight loss (or other) goals. Spa days, workout equipment or other toys, trips, fun experiences (concert, play, etc.) could be good ones, depending on one's interests.

    For me, having to buy new clothes was a punishment for weight loss, but I know that many folks think just the opposite. ;)
  • CSARdiver
    CSARdiver Posts: 6,252 Member
    Athletic performance. Faster, stronger, higher...

    I've had friends set a beer, cigar, etc. at the finish line as motivation. Coincidence that these are my fastest times?

    I recently took in two suits to get tailored and told that the alterations would be too great, so my reward is two donated suits listed on my returns for tax deduction and getting two suits that fit me.
  • tabletop_joe
    tabletop_joe Posts: 455 Member
    edited May 2017
    I reward the hell out of myself. It keeps me going because a) I don't think I look better thin b) health, shmealth. I've always felt healthy, even when I wasn't, so where's the upside to that?

    I need something to keep me working towards my goal, even if it's not a natural consequence, because it will still further the real benefits my undisciplined mind rejects. I am using behavioral techniques on myself because I know the ultimate price of being chronically overweight and I know myself. There's no shame in using a reward system if you know it'll help you too!

    I buy myself nice things when I hit goals. Nice jewelry, records I want, better shoes... anything I can't eat because I've broken the food/reward association in my mind. Maybe when I hit my ultimate goal I'll keep it up--I've put others first my whole life, and myself a distant second (if anything), and I kind of like this new way of doing things!

    Cheers to a better future!
  • nowine4me
    nowine4me Posts: 3,985 Member
    Every time I hit my next goal, I switch the color band for my Apple Watch. Since I look at it a gazillion times a day, it's a great reminder of how far I've come. The orange one I have now is faded and ratty, my shiny new yellow one is in the drawer for when I hit 145#. It's the best $10 I could spend.