Making a Change

I signed up for MFP a long time ago, but never really went anywhere with it. I've done battle with my weight my whole life, with varying degrees of success and failure. Fast forward 7 years, 6 of which have been spent dealing with type 2 diabetes and hypertension, and I hit a crossroad.

I've embarked on making a major change in my life. In January I worked up the courage to talk to my doctor about getting a referral for bariatric surgery. I've been accepted into the program and I start my monthly meetings with nurses/nutritionists/doctors/mental health folks next month. Part of the program is tracking my food/beverage intake and my exercise.

I started tracking things last week, and got a bit discouraged. I pushed too hard on one of my walks and ended up in pain. That combined with the fact that I was dealing with wicked cramps/pms (sorry if tmi) and I was already considering throwing in the towel.

I know I am going to need some support in this. My husband and kids are great about being encouraging, but they don't understand the moments of frustration and discouragement. I'm looking forward to connecting with others on this journey.


  • Miss_Hattie
    Miss_Hattie Posts: 49 Member
    Hi. Try not to be discouraged! Remember this is more than for weight loss, it is for your health. What type of bariatric surgery are you planning. Some types usually rid your body of the diabetes type 2 almost immediately. I'm prepping for the duodenal switch because of my BMI more than 50 and my long term diabetes. I start the education and group support along with a physical exam on May 30. The clinic could decide I'm a bad risk, but I hope not. They want people to be successful. I'm been going through all kinds of hoops and orders from them and I'm glad to do it, as long as I don't get turned down in the end. I'm glad your family is supporting you. I live alone so I'm not tempted by having to cook other food for the family, but I also don't have someone here in the house to say, HEY, don't eat that!