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emt4jesus Posts: 15 Member
Hello everyone. Although I'm new to myfitnesspal, this is not my first rodeo. I used to use CalorieCounts but they stop providing the service. I'm 10 year out from bariatric surgery where I started at 500 pounds. I now weight 295 and I am slowly working toward a goal weight of 250. Currently I've been shut down from walking due to the third stress fracture in my left foot in 18 months. I'm a fitbit junkie who normally gets a minimum of 12K steps a day. Looking forward to using and exploring this site.


  • Fenomka
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    Thank you for your post. I'm in the process of having Bariatric surgery (surgery date is the 31st of this month). I'm so sorry to hear about your foot. What sorts of exercises do you do to get your cardio in, instead of walking? are you able to stand on it at all? I've been dealing with a lot of knee pain, so I signed up with my local rec center to use their pool and that has been helping a lot, though my one lament is that I can't wear my fitbit in the pool. (yeah, I've also become a FBJ. :) )

    Anyway, feel free to friend me if you want. I'm working towards 200 lbs to start with, and see where that takes me. Best of luck to you!
  • Miss_Hattie
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    Hello to both of you. Wow, the 31st is right around the corner. I meet with the bariatric clinic on May 30 to review my labs, have a physical, etc.... and I'm thinking maybe that is the date they will tell me whether I'm approved or not. My insurance has cleared me, but the clinic here is a tough sell, I here. They want to make sure they take the ones who are a good risk and will follow the rules, not have conflicting medical problems, non-smokers, etc. Walking and exercise will be my most difficult part, I think. I've had one knee replacement and am destined for another that I will need at some point in the future.