Officially 50 lbs down!

Hey ya'll!

I have been very private about my weight loss journey but I promised myself that once I lost 50 lbs I would celebrate myself by making a post in this discussion forum! 5 and a half months later, here I am! I began my journey at 230 lbs and as of my weigh in last week I am at 180. I know that seems like a lot of weight for some but it is a victory to me! I am 25 years old and 5'3 in case you're curious. Please feel free to share your success pics, I have found so much inspiration in all of your stories!48ezupfp9gds.jpg


  • Lucy1752
    Lucy1752 Posts: 499 Member
  • Gerkenstein
    Gerkenstein Posts: 315 Member
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! What an amazing accomplishment. Looks like you got some guns on you ;) Don't ever be ashamed or embarrassed at the number on the scale. You are a HUGE success!!
  • tabletop_joe
    tabletop_joe Posts: 455 Member
    Congrats on the weight loss, 50 is a lot of hard work!

    You started out super pretty and continue to be!
  • 1musicgrl
    1musicgrl Posts: 135 Member
    Great job!! So proud of you!!
  • ekim2016
    ekim2016 Posts: 1,199 Member
    very nice... you should be proud of your great achievement ...
  • bapity88
    bapity88 Posts: 98 Member
    You're doing AMAZING and you look fabulous!! You look so much happier, too. Great work!
  • mamavixen89
    mamavixen89 Posts: 1 Member
    You are gorgeous & you look amazing. Congratulations!!
  • socajam
    socajam Posts: 2,530 Member
    Awesome, congrats
  • nichell88
    nichell88 Posts: 364 Member
    Congrats, you look awesome! And it's obvious how much happier you are, can feel it radiating off of that second picture. That's the best. Congrats again!
  • roboliciousbob
    roboliciousbob Posts: 134 Member
    Awesome job, you look sooo amazing!! That is an incredible accomplishment! :-) I just joined the 50lbs lost club a couple weeks ago, it feels so good.
  • Watch_Me_Rise
    Watch_Me_Rise Posts: 301 Member
    You look so great! Awesome work!!
  • rhps84
    rhps84 Posts: 26 Member
  • naomillion
    naomillion Posts: 351 Member
    Wow, you look fabulous and strong! :+1: Congrats on the fantastic progress! :star:
  • midlomel1971
    midlomel1971 Posts: 1,283 Member
    Good job! You are stunning!! You deserve a post all about you!!
  • fposte2016
    fposte2016 Posts: 130 Member
    This is STELLAR! Your arms and waist especially look amazing! And in less than 6 months, awesome.
  • CatchMom11
    CatchMom11 Posts: 462 Member
    That's amazing!!! I just hit the 50 lb mark this morning. I don't look at fabulous as you, but you inspire me!!!
  • MomReborn
    MomReborn Posts: 145 Member
    Gurl, slay!!! You look amazing, keep up the great work <3
  • Serious206
    Serious206 Posts: 2 Member
    Congratulations young lady. You give me encouragement to keep on keeping on!
  • fupthesides
    fupthesides Posts: 71 Member
    Way to Go!!! B)
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