-230+ pounds in 23 months (no weight loss surgery) - 30/F/5'3"



  • Lucy1752
    Lucy1752 Posts: 499 Member
    Wow...just WOW! :o Way to go!
  • michael1976_ca
    michael1976_ca Posts: 3,488 Member
    you look amazing. congrats on kicking butt :smiley:
  • summerhime
    summerhime Posts: 24 Member
    I would like to follow you on instagram... how can I find you?
  • ATruckersWife15
    ATruckersWife15 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm in tears. You are truly someone who I can learn from. Thank you for sharing this, as it gives me hope that I can get there, too. God bless you.
  • amrita14sri
    amrita14sri Posts: 11 Member
    U look great.. n ur 5 lessons duly noted.
  • OhMsDiva
    OhMsDiva Posts: 1,074 Member
    CONGRATULATIONS!! That is awesome!! You go girl.
  • tabletop_joe
    tabletop_joe Posts: 455 Member
    You have a great attitude and it's lead you to great things. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!
  • Patty1015A
    Patty1015A Posts: 79 Member
    Amazing! Miraculous! Thoroughly Impressed!
  • lporter229
    lporter229 Posts: 4,907 Member
    Very impressive. Thank you for sharing. I'm sure that you have and will continue to inspire many people. I also love this answer:
    emilyCPA wrote: »
    Holy moly.... That's impressive!

    Are you planning on losing more weight, and do you think at some point you'll have to start logging again as you get closer to your goal weight with smaller deficit?

    I'm not actively trying to lose weight for the purposes of losing weight and reaching a certain number. My body is really just doing its own thing (in its own time) in response to me generally eating nutritiously so that I have the energy to enjoy the physical activities that make me happy. This hands-off approach is really stress-free for me...I don't foresee me ever logging again and I have no "ideal" body or weight in mind. It's really just about living and enjoying the happiest, healthiest life I can on any given day (recognizing, too, that "happiest, healthiest" life can vary from day-to-day).

    That is the classic example of what people mean when they talk about making a life style change rather than dieting. Your success story should be a sticky that all new members must read!
  • tigerlilly24
    tigerlilly24 Posts: 130 Member
    Yassss girl you are doing it! It seems so overwhelming when you start and it seems so far away but you did it!
  • GeorgiaM2015
    GeorgiaM2015 Posts: 142 Member
    Holy crap, amazing! Followed you on Instagram :)
  • alanstrong21
    alanstrong21 Posts: 1 Member
    Fantastic, so inspiring
  • crushingitdaily12345
    crushingitdaily12345 Posts: 577 Member
    Great work! Keep it up, you are an amazing inspiration.
  • vnb_208
    vnb_208 Posts: 1,359 Member
    Awesome work!
  • JudyKenovafitby40
    JudyKenovafitby40 Posts: 9 Member
    How do I follow you on instagram? I just got account.
  • Judikim118
    Judikim118 Posts: 201 Member
  • tinamarie6624
    tinamarie6624 Posts: 182 Member
    You have done great! Congratulations! Very impressive and inspiring to those of us who are following in your footsteps.
  • natajane
    natajane Posts: 295 Member
    Wow, you have done so brilliantly. And your story is really refreshing to read, i always feel like i'm failing at weight loss. Not following the right diet, not doing the right exercise etc, not doing enough. I'm going to have a go at breaking my habits down, because when i think about it really its just one or two things that throw my day. thanks for sharing.
  • jenilla1
    jenilla1 Posts: 11,118 Member
    Amazing! MFP Rockstar! B)
  • Alisak82
    Alisak82 Posts: 11 Member
    Wow!!!!!!!You ARE MY HERO!!!!
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