Wedding in 4 weeks, need motivational friends :)

I have my wedding in 4 weeks, and believe it or not I have not been motivated enough to loose the weight I was hoping to loose. Seems crazy when a wedding should be motivation enough. Anyway, tried my dress on last week and it's a bit on the small side (not by much but enough to give me a kick in the butt). Wanting to loose as much as I can before the day, so any motivation to get me through the next few weeks would be AMAZING!! Hope you are all doing well! Thanks in advance :-)


  • Red5092
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    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Get your butt moving and accomplish your goals, so you'll feel and look spectacular on your special day.
  • Ant488
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    Feel free to add me.
  • infamousfreakk
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    Feel free to add me! Congratulations!!
  • long_for_me
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    Congratulations! Add me!
  • lauren220486
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    Thanks every one. Feeling better in myself for eating better, and feeling motivated at the moment so just keep going. :) how is everyone doing?
  • raechaelanne
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    Feel free to add me & congratulations.
  • ItsSlimpossible12
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    Mine is 8 weeks from Sunday and I'm wondering where the hell the time went! I need 6 more months to get down to the weight I wanted to be! Feel free to add me. :smile:
  • 2ssol
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    My best friends wedding is in 4 weeks as well and i am now getting in the wedding diet mode too! Feel free to add me and we can keep each other motivated!! Good luck :)
  • mazdauk
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    Commando time! Stick to your target calories EVERY DAY (except your hen night/weekend and other good luck functions as that would be rude!) and get in some extra exercise - stairs, go and get the coffees, walk a friend's dog, whatever you can fit in. Practice your dance moves, get some girls/bridesmaids together to do a "workout night" to a dvd, if you have no fun classes near you (even something like wii zumba is great). You can easilt shift 4-6lb if you're that close to fitting in your dress, but don't lose too much or it will be loose and not look right (I lost 1/4 stone after my final fitting and my dress was a bit loose).
    Congratulations, I'm sure you will be a beautiful shapely bride!