losing weight after baby

Hey all! Any advice for losing the weight after baby? I'm about 6 weeks postpartum and back to my pre-pegnancy weight. I'm currently breastfeeding too so I'm not sure how that factors in. I'm 5"3' I'm 220 now and wish to lose 100 pounds to be 120


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    Definitely recommend consulting your Doc on this one.
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    Your body uses about 500 calories a day to make milk when you are breastfeeding exclusively (no formula, no solid food.) So account for that when you figure out how much to eat. And don't try to lose too quickly or your milk production will suffer - if your body thinks it's starving, it might stop making milk. Lose slowly, and congrats on the new baby!

    You're actually doing great if you're back to your pre-pregnancy weight at 6 weeks, so I doubt you have to be more restrictive than you have been these past 6 weeks.
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    I agree with the Previous poster! And congrats on the baby! I have a six month old and am breastfeeding too. I wanna use it to my advantage as I try losing baby weight! But don't go too far because your baby needs you to eat well.
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    I have gained 37 pounds with my second pregnancy and now when my baby is 6 months old, I am back to my pre-baby weight and body shape. I lost all those unwanted stones 4 months postpartum and I did it with the help of drinking plenty of water, breastfeeding my baby and drinking an organic tea Mummy magic weight loss tea.
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    I would wait another month or two before cutting calories. The early weeks are important for establishing your milk supply.

    After that, what I did, was to set my goal on mfp to maintain my current weight and ate that amount. With the calories burned by nursing, the weight honestly just fell Right off. Be careful to not go into too much of a deficit or it will effect your milk production. If you aren't getting enough calories your body will take them from the most "non essential" areas. And your milk falls into that category. Good luck and congrats
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    Hey all! Any advice for losing the weight after baby? I'm about 6 weeks postpartum and back to my pre-pegnancy weight. I'm currently breastfeeding too so I'm not sure how that factors in. I'm 5"3' I'm 220 now and wish to lose 100 pounds to be 120

    Aloha I had my last baby in 2016 he's now 1 and I still can't drop my weight. Only with this child I had gain a lot and is hard dropping my weight. My other 5kids was easy to lose weight... I'm 30 years old 5'6 and 220 I'm trying to drop2lbs a week and be 130. We are in the same boat. But we can do this!
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    Because you're breastfeeding, it's best to talk to you doctor.
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    When i was nursing, i could never cut calories because it would always hurt my milk supply.
    First- talk too your doctor. After your doctor gives you the okay- I would start slowly. Just try and lose .5 pounds a week and see if your supply remains. If you're good for a month- get a little more aggressive and set your diary to lose 1 pound a week and go from there all the way to 2 pounds a week.
    You've got this.
    And congratulations on your little one.
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    Hey! I'm 5'2.5" and I started at 212 after my fourth baby, so we had similar stats. I am now maintaining at 125. I've tried to get down to 120 but ehh it's just not happening lol.

    Anyway I set my mfp goal to lose 1 pound per week. Then I added back 500 extra calories a day until my baby was around 6 months old and then dropped to an extra 300 calories a day. Be sure you are getting adequate protein while nursing, pay attention to your macros. That was a mistake I made at first. Make sure you are weighing your food and logging accurately because you want to be eating enough with nursing. I was often eating around 2200 calories a day and still losing quickly. Good luck!
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    I don't diet while breastfeeding (as I am now) because it can be really difficult to walk the line of getting enough calories to not hurt your milk supply. I just try not to eat back a lot of the calories breastfeeding helps me burn. I lift weights and eat well balanced meals, drink plenty of water, and take a multivitamin. The good news is that without doing anything beyond breastfeeding, depending on how much you gained during pregnancy and accounting for the size of the baby, extra fluid, how much of the weight was fat stores, etc. it's created enough of deficit to allow you to lose your pregnancy weight. If it's working, keep doing it. If you notice your weight loss stalls, talk to your doctor about how to incorporate more physical activity or adjust your diet to encourage additional weight loss without hurting your milk supply.