Hogwarts Weight Loss Challenge [Term 15] - 8 Week Challenge



  • Kisame29
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    I love seeing all the interest in the challenge!

    As a reminder - Owls are planned to go out on Tuesday 6/13. You should receive a PM if you were accepted or a wait list PM if there is not an open spot. The key point is that you should hear from someone by the morning of Wednesday 6/14 (since some PMs might go out late Tuesday night). I will make a post here if this plan changes though.

    Of course, feel free to PM me if you'd just like to confirm that your application was received :)

  • healthyhufflepuff
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    Yay! Huge HP fan - can you tell by my username? Relatively new MFP user and excited to get get involved in the community! :)
  • 1982Josie
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    This sounds fun :)
    Submitted my form! x
  • tammymoore24
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    We have so much fun doing this challenge!
  • Maalea
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  • dodieneatfreakwannabe
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    Oh my word, I hope the sorting hat puts me in Ravenclaw and I get my acceptance owl! :D This is gonna be fun!!!
  • Agkerrick
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    Just submitted my application and awaiting my acceptance owl!!!
  • LaurenKleckner
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    I just submitted my application! excited!
  • Kisame29
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    Just another update for those eagerly awaiting news of Term 15. Owls (PMs) will be going out either late this evening and/or tomorrow (potentially very late on Tuesday evening).

    If you applied and have not heard anything by Wednesday afternoon, feel free to send me a PM! But please give our staff until the afternoon of Wednesday, June 14th to send out the PMs.

    Thank you!
  • I just received my owl... HUFFLEPUFF! WoOHoO!!! B):smiley:
  • dadsafrantic
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    i got my hufflepuff welcome. i actually work at a sort of hogwarts.
  • Divinelydark
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    *twitch* I can't handle the stress of waiting! *twitch* ;)
  • junodog1
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    waiting for owl!!!!
  • georgeinthecord
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    this is awesome.
  • Slimpossible007
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    looking out "the window" for my owl ..

    please please please
  • georgeinthecord
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    does the owl come to our inbox? hahaha! cause I am still waiting!
  • lbenson2006
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    does the owl come to our inbox? hahaha! cause I am still waiting!

    Yes, the owl will come to your inbox. I hope you get one at the start of term but if not, keep checking in case there is an opening and you get in. :)
  • phoenixmed
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    This would be perfect just submited
  • GoldenEye_
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    Aww, waitlisted. Enjoy everyone who got in and GO RAVENCLAWS! ;)
  • bdgfn
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    Just saw this...sent in an application...now we wait.