Ready to lose 100+ pounds!

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My name is Winter. I'm 22 years old, getting married in october. About 5 years ago when I was in high school I went from 280 to 230 using MyFitnessPal. But the way that I was eating was super unhealthy. All I was eating was smoothies and protein shakes. And I was barely hitting 1000 calories per day. Well now I'm back and I weighed in this morning at 285 pounds. I'm not happy with my weight or my body. My first goal is to get to 250, then 225, and then 199. I want to be under 200 pounds. Ideally my doctor would like me to weigh 160 or below. But when I look at the big picture it freaks me out and I end up binging. So I'm starting out by just following the calorie intake that MyFitnessPal gives me. Which is around 1500. Wish me luck, and maybe add me as a friend! I'd love some support on this journey!


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    Good luck girl! :)
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    I'm rootin' for ya! :)

    *OH and CONGRATS on your engagement!
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    Hi Winter. I have literally just made my account. I have used MFP twice before, and I think I failed because a lack of weight loss support. How do I add you as a friend?! And do you want to message a few times a week to keep each other on track?
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    Hi Winter I'm close to the same weight as you and have similar goals, I would love to be your friend on here!
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    Good luck! The good thing is that you're taking from your previous experience to make better choices this time around. Small milestones are better than the finish line. Plus, you get to celebrate more. Hard work is more enjoyable if you can pat yourself on the back from time to time.
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    I'm starting over for the 3rd time, and I am close to your weight with similar goals! I would love to be your friend, and help support each other on our journeys!

    Congratulations on your engagement!! :)
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    Hello winter my name is snowie I am also looking to make friends/support weighed in at 240 Lbs but have dropped 6 lbs since then. I to have used myfitness before and had dropped down from 250 to 199 lbs. if you would like to be friends send me a request.
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    Good luck! Add me as a friend for encouragement if you'd like.
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    Hi Winter
    Im Sommer
  • Kait_Dee
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    Great mindset girl. I'm Kait - I've lost (and kept off) over 100lbs and am now a competitive bodybuilder. I started and restarted probably six times before I found my groove - so you're ahead of me in the game!!

    I'm a no-BS, consistent user (I've got a 1077 day streak) and tell it like it is. If you want some positive motivation with a sprinkle of bad-assery, feel free to add me if you like - I support change, not excuses!

    *insert kissy face here*

    Happy Saturday and happy STARTING!!