Fat content missing from chia, hemp, fish oil etc

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I am keeping track of saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, with a daily amount for each. While I am incorporating hemp seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, Walnuts, fish oil etc, after scanning the bar code, MFP has the correct product. But MFP is only entering the saturated fat content on most of the above, and not showing content for the poly and mono. For example, chia is being recorded as having 9g total Fat, 1g saturated but their shows 0g for poly and mono respectively. But I know this is high in poly, so why is it showing 0g? This makes it much harder for me to track all 3 daily fat intake mounts. Anyone? MFP?


  • treegirl97
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    Can you go in and manually update the entry with the extra data from the package? I don't scan items so I'm not totally sure how it works.
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    You are choosing entries that don't have that information. Most probably don't, because commercial labels won't (so no bar code entered product will). USDA entries may.
  • cmbegb
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    Will try. All messed up. For example today, have had total fat of 45g, goal is 63g, have 18g left. But saturated total is 17g, poly is 2g and mono 9g, for a total of 28g not 45g, also indicating I have 4g, 19g and 12g left respectively, with 35g left but that doesn't jive with the total fat amount of 18g left. Really like this app but this isn't so good.
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    Most of the database entries are entered by users. As @lemurcat12 said, try including "usda" in your search for whole food items. And if you have a packaged item, update the incorrect entry and save it to the database, once you do you'll be able to use the same entry every time.