Pre-op Pressure, what I'm learning and TIME

I am on day 6 of a 2 week liquid protein diet prescribed by my surgeon. It is a diet used for bariatric surgery to shrink the liver allowing for weight loss surgery. It also restricts calories so 10-15lbs of weight loss is expected in 2 weeks time.
It is extremely high protein, low fat and low carb. The intent is to get into ketosis. This allows the liver to burn fat and shrink.
The body is such a complex organism and I think that responses to doing this can be so varied. My first 4 days I didn't lose any weight. Now I have lost 1lb. My surgery is to repair a 7" hole in my abdomen from a surgery last year. The surgeons, there are 2 of them now, want me to lose as much weight as possible to create room to replace my intestines and loose skin so allow for closing of the hole.
I'm not going to lose as much weight as they expect. I was losing weight before this started. My total weight loss to date is 30lb. My body had a 'set point' or plateau that was difficult for me to get past but now thanks to this pre surgery diet I have.

The wins.
1. I am on the verge of reaching a long time goal - to get below 250lbs.
2. I have learned that food doesn't rule me.
3. I can go without solid food and it is not the end of the world.
4. I am stronger than I gave myself credit for.
5. Hypoglycemia takes very little to correct even if you feel terrible. Getting ahead of it and keep blood sugar in balance is the smart plan.

The problems:
1. I am a bit tired of protein shakes - not the end of the world
2. I have found that my problem time is late afternoon/evening when I am tired and just want to munch my way to bed.

#2 is really the problem now and before and probably in the future. What to do with this time to stop sabotaging myself? I am will turn 50 in October, married for 25 years to a saint that puts up with all my BS. No kids. Own a small business. Am a workaholic. I use to work during this time but since all of this started my energy has been low so typically stop work at 5pm though I may start as early as 3am when my energy is higher.

What are tools or habits that you have to get through the 5pm-10pm hours. 5 hours is a really long time and could do a lot of damage. It is also a really long time where I can do a lot with my life that does not have to be work, but what?


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    I had the Gastric Sleeve done 8/1/16 and I am so glad I did. Even Though I am close to my 1 year mark I still stall and go back to the liquid basics. This week I am sticking to nothing but boiled eggs and Protein shakes and my energy level is back up and I am pushing myself harder in the gym.
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    I think you need a hobby to do in the afternoon. Knitting helps me keep my hands busy, doing a word search, or reading. Have you thought about going to bed earlier?
  • I'm 5 months out from gastric sleeve. Amazing. Just get through this 2 weeks and you'll be in a totally different headspace after surgery. Maybe read some cognitive behavioural theories by Susan (?) Beck. The beck diet solution is the book. It's excellent and applies post surgery as well.
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    You CHANGE your habitual behavior. 5pm-10pm is PLENTY of time to actually add a moderate exercise regimen and exercise has been shown to reduce cravings and hunger during and after ( length of time dependent from person to person). IMO, there's nothing wrong with snacking. It's HOW MUCH you intake that has to be addressed.

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    My surgery is similar to a weight loss surgery without being a weight loss surgery, no benefits of sleeve etc. The hole in my abdomen will be closed up. Because of the work that is being done is similar to WLS and my weight makes the surgery challenging the same protocol is being followed.

    I do need a hobby. That is what I am looking for suggestions on. I am an introvert. 50 years old, married, no children, workaholic. I have no clue what to do for a hobby. Knitting is not going to be it though I see how it is great to keep your hands busy.

    Going to bed earlier isn't really an option because I already wake up by 4am. I don't want to wake up earlier.

    Exercise is a great suggestion and will go back to that as soon as I am released. With that being said, surely there is something that I can do that will not adversely affect me core. I will look into that. I am not allowed to strain my core...

    Thanks for the responses.
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    I start my new logging day at 6 PM. That way if I go overboard in the evening I can compensate the next day when I'm busier and have more self control. I do still need to keep myself from eating all the food at night though, so I walk, take a bath, read, color, sit in the backyard and hang out with my husband, or brush my cats. None of those things are really hobbies, but they allow me to unwind and relax in the evening instead of eating.
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    There must be something about your work that you enjoy so much that you would choose to work than do other activities. Maybe find something that's related to what you do but that would be equally satisfying to do on your personal time. For example, if you're an expert in your field, maybe teach a class at a community college or volunteer to mentor someone who is looking to work in your field or maybe create a YouTube video to share what you know. Just some thoughts. Best of luck with your procedure!