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Friends for support and motivation

Looking for some friends ;P


  • Hudsonsma
    Hudsonsma Posts: 48 Member
    So am I haha :)
  • pilarslayer
    pilarslayer Posts: 234 Member
    you can add me
  • Tazzie0208
    Tazzie0208 Posts: 66 Member
    you guys can add me too! support support support! :)
  • signerh
    signerh Posts: 61 Member
    Feel free to add me too :smiley:
  • TravisJHunt
    TravisJHunt Posts: 533 Member
    Feel free to add me!
  • txlonghorns1978
    txlonghorns1978 Posts: 4 Member
    Y'all can add me I started my journey April 4th 2017 and I'm already down 16 pounds and I'm not stopping I'm in the gym at 5am for 2 before work everyday and currently changing what I eat. I've already seen changes please add me