I need insight from ladies 5'7

I'm new at this looking for any helpful tips. Some days I'm more motivated than others so meal plans, workout, or just simple words of encouragement are welcome. I'm currently 212 goal is 160.


  • TnZMom
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    Glad to see you here. 212 was my highest non-pregnant weight. My first goal is 159 for healthy bmi, then 135 final goal. My advice is to count calories, and also pick one small habit to change one month at a time.
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    Hello! I'm 5'7, and started somewhere just north of 200. Am now around 150lbs, shooting for c135lbs. I guess the best tip I could give is to take each day as it comes - if you couldn't resist ice cream last night after dinner and it blew your calories, that's fine - forgive yourself and move on with your normal calorie allowance today. Don't get caught up trying to punish yourself, and feeling guilty.

    And also EXERCISE! Find something you love... which might mean trying a load of different things... and then find a way to make yourself stick with it. It might only increase your calorie allowance a little bit, but it can do wonders for your mindset, and even allow you to think about your body in a different, more positive light. Like: "I may not have a flat stomach, but my body just ran a 5km/ danced through a Beyoncé dance routine/ climbed a mountain/ swam 50 lengths" and that feels amazing. Anyway, best of luck!
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    Hi, I'm 5'8" and have been using mfp for two weeks, losing 3lb per week. I've got myself a cheap omron pedometer (I've not got a smart phone, so didn't bother with a fitbit etc...). I make sure I do 10k steps a day. I also watch Wii fit step on YouTube and use my own step. I found the step aerobic videos just a bit too tough at the moment but remembered I could do Wii fit, lol. Good luck x
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    Go outside! Walk, hike or what ever movement that you like the best! It will improve your mood and determination.
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    I'm 5'7 and my starting weight was 166lbs in Feb 2016. I started weighting my food and logging it in the diary here. I'm 137lbs now with a goal of 125lbs.

    I've never had problems with the loss BUT I have been very parient because weight loss is not linear. Often I wait weeks before the scale shows the loss. But I trust the system and never gave up. You shouldn't give up either until your goal. Just eat at a deficit, weigh your food and log it. My only exercise is walking. Lots of it.

    Good luck.
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    5'7" lady checking in! My high weight is 165 lbs. I've teetered between 150-160lbs for too long and now I'm back on track, hoping to reach my goal weight of 130lbs by Christmas.

    I am finding success following a low-carb diet and practicing intermittent fasting (2 meals a day - lunch & dinner). It gets tricky to lose weight when you only have 20 lbs to go.

    Good luck!
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    I am the same @toxikon and also trying the 5/2 plan. I fast on consecutive days (Mon/Tues) and finding that ok. I've been going for 3 weeks and lost 6lbs. I give myself 1400 cals on the other days and sometimes find I don't use them all.
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    I'm 5'7", and started close to where you are! I was 217 on 20 Feb, and as of this morning (19 June), I'm 190. My goals shift a lot. When I first started, I thought 180 would be a good goal, and then as I started to lose, I realized that I could go lower. My current goal is 155, and considering that my lowest adult weight is 167, seems like a good one. Once I get closer to 155, I may downward adjust from there.

    I lose at a steady average of 1.5lbs/week on 1850 kcals/day (based on TDEE, so I don't add back in any exercise. It's 1850, whether I work out or not). What's really helped me is to think of my goals in longer terms. I always consider the weekly totals for my calories in and my calories out. If I have a bad day or a lazy day, it doesn't stress me, because I can see where I am for the week and make adjustments. I work a desk job, so I try to add in as much daily movement as I can - I'm constantly walking instead of driving if it's at all feasible. I also run (it's awesome that I can say that now! I started out jogging/walking with may more walking than jogging) 4 times a week.

    Good luck and welcome!
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    5 ft 7 in - started around 153 lbs and am now at 145 lbs. Goal is 135 lbs. I've been bigger before (back in hs) but never weighed myself. I'm guessing I was around 160-170. Hopefully you don't dismiss my advice because I am at your goal weight! Because my best advice to you is to do it slowly. Start tracking at maintenance until you learn the basics. Once you're comfortable tracking (1-2 weeks) then try losing at .5lbs a week, then 1 pound and so on. Don't let this be a horrible experience but going to the extreme. You won't last and you'll find yourself back where you started.

    Specific things that have worked for me:
    - I'm a chocolate lover. All supplements (protein shakes and bars) have chocolate in it and has helped curb the chocolate craving a lot!
    - I don't track fats/carbs. Only protein and I make sure I'm at the deficit in cals based on my goals. This has helped me keep my sanity!
    - Lifting weights is my passion. Find yours! Give strength training a try though.

    Wishing you the best of luck in your journey.
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    I'm 5 ft 6 (an inch shorter than you asked for I'm afraid ;) ) and down to 112 lbs. My advice is to focus on the positive aspects of losing weight/getting in shape (not just looking slimmer but how much better and more energetic you'll feel if you do it healthily, not to mention how proud you can be that you reached your goal), reflect on any weight you've lost so far and if there's someone you know who also wants to lose weight, do it together.

    The thing that made a difference for me was deciding on a weekend exactly what I was going to eat for the next week (a tight student budget forced me to do this but it was great for weight loss!) and bought exactly what I needed. There was less room for random unhealthy snacking then because I just didn't have it available. Find healthy meals you really, genuinely enjoy. My mum has talked for ages about losing weight but when she tries, she uses all these disgusting, bland diet foods and restricts treats which ultimately ends in her giving up.

    In terms of recipes, I like things like overnight oats (layer oats, chopped fruit and a bit of honey in a jar, fill it with milk and leave in the fridge overnight. Cold porridge sounds disgusting, I know, but it's actually really nice!) and good old cornflakes with raspberries and honey for breakfast (I really struggle with breakfasts because I hate eggs which is what everyone always suggests for a healthy breakfast!).
    For lunch and dinner I like things such as;
    Cajun chicken with roasted Mediterranean vegetables (easiest thing ever Just chop up red onion, tomatoes, mixed pepper and courgette and drizzle them in a bit of olive oil, score a chicken breast and drizzle with oil and rub in some Cajun seasoning, wrap your chicken in foil and stick it all in the oven)
    Courgetti and meatballs...kinda what it says on the tin! If you haven't already, then I'd suggest investing in a spiraliser, they're great! Anyway this is just spiralised courgette (like spaghetti) cooked off with a tomato sauce (I mix chopped tomatoes with garlic and honey instead of a store bought sauce which saves a gazillion calories but admittedly it's not quite the same. Decent alternative if you're looking to lose weight though).
    Caramelised honey and whole grain mustard chicken and bacon salad. Make a salad of your choice of salady stuff (I like mixed leaves, sugar snaps, cucumber, tomato, red onion, carrot and beetroot) then cook off a couple of rashers of bacon and some diced chicken breast (not loads) and once they're cooked, chop up the bacon, add it to the chicken with a tsp of honey and a tsp of coarse grain mustard and cook until it's caramelised. Although honey caramelised bacon sounds like the exact opposite of weight loss food, you're really only eating a small amount, the salad is what's filling you up.

    Name your healthy food like it's on a menu at gourmet restaurant even if it's just chicken and veg!

    I could go on and on but this post is getting really long! I'd advise you on exercise but honestly I haven't found an equally enjoyable alternative to lying in bed ;) Do exercise though!

    My biggest advice is enjoy it as much as you can! Feel good about eating healthy foods rather than feeling bloated and yucky after eating tons of greasy takeaway or something (I'm a student and watching what some students eat is kind of sickening....I can practically feel my arteries clogging thinking about it!). Feel good about how far you've come rather than letting yourself me demotivated by how far you've got left to go. Allow yourself treats and the meals you love- just like one healthy meal doesn't make you lose 20 lbs, one unhealthy meal won't sabotage all your efforts. Weight loss is annoyingly gradual so it's the small changes you make day in, day out that ultimately will help. Good luck!
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    7 years ago I started at 200. Dropped to 180, maintained this for 7 years, and am now ready to drop the remaining 20.
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    5'7" here. Started at 221, at 185 now.

    My advice is to get 10k steps a day and don't exceed your calorie limit. It's very easy actually to do once you create a routine.
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    I'm also 5'-7". I first became aware of my weight 5 years ago at ~240lb. Seriously, up until then, I never thought it was a problem. I was 31 and one day I realized that my closet was full of ugly clothes and was teetering on having to wear size 20 pants if I went. I was not going to let that happen!

    Well...let me just say that it doesn't always go as planned. I found MFP, I dropped 20lbs within a couple of months, and almost 50 (my low was 193) in 18months. Then, I let it creep up. I was still aware of what I was eating, but I stopped being dilligent with tracking, and in 2 years I was up to 225 again. Hey, at least I never got back to 240!

    So, over the last year (433 days according to my MFP streak) the only thing I must do each day is log on here. I don't always get my food logged properly. I don't always stop myself from binging. I don't always get my exercise. But I always log on, and it usually helps to remind me that I need to be aware of my consumption, my activity, and that I need to do these things to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

    I'm still a work in progress. I'm currently 36, 197, and while it's probably not the way other people would lose weight, super slow works for me. I literally eat whatever I want, and probably only end up with ~200cal deficit per day (if that!) The only advice I can give is be consistent. Change things up if you get bored of course, but do something for yourself every day that gets you closer to your goal. Whether it's going for a 30min walk, eating an extra serving of vegetables instead of crackers when you're feeling snacky, logging an entire day of food (especially when you're not proud of it!) or even just logging in to MFP, even if you don't do anything on the site.

    Also, have other goals not related to weight! It can motivate you if you don't see any weight loss for a while. Increase your health markers, run a race, do a plank for 5 minutes. Whatever you want to be able to accomplish in the future!

    Good luck!
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    I agree with everything said here so far! I'm 5'7", started this year at 174, goal is 145 (for now). I'm around 158 now. Logging in every day is key for me. Also knowing that it didn't all come on at once, and it's not all going to come off at once. When I'm working out (I'd always much rather be on the couch), I watch Netflix! I save some of my favorites to only watch when I'm moving. I also like to add my workouts into MFP before doing them to see just how many calories it will add and to keep myself accountable to finish it all. I don't generally do any workout for more than 15-20 minutes without a small break. That way, I can always tell myself "20 minutes to skinny..." "15 minutes to skinny..." 10 minutes left to skinny..." :smile:

    I still have some cute clothes in my closet from when I was thinner and so I often let myself daydream about when I'll be wearing them again, and where I'll wear them out to. I try them on about once every two weeks to see what fits so far, and how much further I have to go for the rest. The scale sometimes doesn't move for a little while, so make sure that you find some non-scale victories (NSV) to keep working towards!