The 3 negatives and positives of losing weight!

briohne128 Posts: 176 Member
I thought this would be interesting as everyone always talks about the positives of losing weight which is motivating but it is important to vent the negatives so heres mine!

1. I went for a bra fitting yesterday. Turns out instead of a 34C I am now a 32A. So I pretty much have nothing there now. :'(
2. I bought the smallest dress they had in a shop and its STILL too big. The top bit it so loose that it shows my pancakes!
3. People closest to me have made some absurd comments since I've lost weight. Heres some examples:
.Don't turn anorexic!
.You are all skin and bones now!
.You look sick!

1.I can look in the mirror and think "Hell yeah..I don't look half bad :D "
2.I feel a lot better mentally and physically.
3.Now I've lost weight and gotten stronger, I am now better at climbing and have been entering competitions with pretty good results!

Let me know your three negatives and postives of losing weight!


  • ValkyrieOnline
    ValkyrieOnline Posts: 160 Member

    I have lost over 115 pounds and gained more than 30 pounds of muscle in the past 3 years. What a journey it's been.

    Holy crap! You look amazing! Congrats!
  • everher
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    Bad news first I always say.

    1. Nothing fits. It's fun at first and you enjoy the novelty of it, but then that wears off and nothing fits! Not your glasses, not your rings, not your underwear, and definitely not your clothes. It's expensive replacing all of that stuff or having the stuff you can have sized down sized down. I also really liked some of my clothes. Goodbye all my old favorites.

    2. I kinda don't recognize myself and I'm sure others don't recognize me either. I think it's going to take a while to get used to this new fitter me.

    3. I still struggle with wanting to overeat. It's probably something I always will struggle with. You'd think that would eventually go away, but no. I'm always going to have to keep myself in check.

    Good news:

    1. My health! It had gotten to the point I was out of breath from just walking short distances. My blood pressure and resting heart beat are also much lower. Though I'm still working on getting blood pressure to optimal levels.

    2. Shopping is much less of a headache. I remember when I used to shop before and 90% of the things I tried on didn't fit. It's hard shopping for plus sized clothing. I don't know if it's because more people are plus sized and therefore buying this stuff up or they just order smaller quantities of the stuff. Either way I could never find my size in stock hardly, but now pretty much everything I try on fits or I need a smaller size.

    3. I like the way I look for the most part. Yeah, I want/need to lose some more weight and I want to decrease my BF%, but I don't have those moments of I can't look at myself in the mirror anymore.
  • ABabilonia
    ABabilonia Posts: 622 Member
    edited June 2017
    1.- More confidence
    2.- More energy
    3.- Healthy

    1.- Clothes don't fit because they are too big and I look funny(new wardrobe), which is kind of a dilemma in the middle of a transition
    2.- Family is not fully supportive. In my family environment the logic is that if you are skinny you are unhealthy
    3.- Some injuries that I had to endure. At one point some of my toenails were black because of the running

    Despite everything though, the journey is awesome and the destination will be even better.
  • JeromeBarry1
    JeromeBarry1 Posts: 10,182 Member
    Three negatives:
    Cost of clothes.
    I can't torque and un-torque lug nuts as easily as before.
    My feet feel cold inside my shoes.

    Three positives:
    My blood pressure is borderline low, my resting heart rate is just plain low, and I no longer need lisinopril to control blood pressure. That's one.
    I can shop for regular sized clothes, so there's a much wider selection.
    I seem to be inspiring a flicker of 'care to' in my wife Re: health and fitness.
  • aprillperry84
    aprillperry84 Posts: 29 Member
    Three positives of loosing weight are:
    1) self esteem is getting better.
    2) smaller wardrobe sizes.
    3) better nutrition.

    Three negative things are:
    1) Crave my old foods.
    2) losing bust size
    3) have to spend more money on healthier food for me
  • Syneea
    Syneea Posts: 451 Member
    1.small waist
    2. Increasing in athleticism
    3. Younger looking

    1. upper arms are still a bit "flabby" and don't match the rest of me
    2. Bust almost completely disappeared although my emerging pecs are compensating lol
    3. Frequently hearing how I'm "disappearing" (5'8, 140) it's only an illusion... I have muscles and I'm not "tiny"... they are used to the old hippier/"thicker" me.
  • goldenday
    goldenday Posts: 204 Member
    1. The level of confidence I gained! The old me would never have had the guts to flirt with guys and thought that I was just pretty ugly to be honest.
    2. Higher self esteem. It showed that I can commit to goals and I did things I thought I couldn't do before- I never thought I could be a "real" runner.
    3. I dress better- and I feel good about myself. I wear a lot of tights and dresses because I always thought my legs were "too fat" to wear tights before.

    1. The tight shorts I bought a month ago which fitted perfectly now have a gap at the bottom back! I love shopping now,but I'm not going to buy anything for a while now, just until I hit my goal weight with 14 pounds to go.
    2. I started strength training a week ago- my body aches and I'm much more tired. I went to bed at 7.30pm yesterday!
    3. I get excited looking at active wear xD and half my time is spent in gym clothes
    4. I get tired of thinking about what i'm going to eat. Logging and measuring things. Some days I just really want to quit the whole thing.
  • Madwife2009
    Madwife2009 Posts: 1,369 Member

    1) I am fitter, healthier, stronger and smaller than I have EVER been as an adult or a teenager.
    2) I love. love, love, love to exercise (from a former I-am-never-going-to-do-anything-physical-unless-I-really-have-to)
    3) My outlook on life has changed - I want to try new things all of the time. Some of those things I actually get to try as well.
    4) Sorry, have to sneak another one in - the difference in my family is huge as well. We all eat better, exercise regularly and are healthier. My children will grow up to be healthy adults. This gives me huge pleasure as I grew up unhealthy and obese and knowing that they won't have the problems I experienced is the ultimate satisfaction.


    These don't really exist as the positives have made such an impact on my life so I try not to dwell on anything negative (pointless waste of time IMO)

    One I can think of is that a medical problem I thought was weight-related turned out to be a major, lifelong problem which the doctors are still trying to get under control. But, if I hadn't lost the weight and started exercising I wouldn't have known about it and the consequences of not knowing would have been a lot worse. So I suppose that, even though the condition is affecting me, it's positive that I know about it and that I'm under medical care so early in the disease's path.

    The only other is how addicted to exercise I've become. I have to exercise on a daily basis and if I have to miss a day for whatever reason, it really irritates me and I get like an angry legume (a grump-pea, get it?)
  • mom2kateRH
    mom2kateRH Posts: 178 Member
    1. I sometimes miss just chowing down
    2. Have to buy new clothes
    3. The first time I went to the pool this summer, my swimsuit bottoms were a little loose. Didn't think much of it, until climbing out of the pool. The weight of the water pulled the bottoms down a bit, and my daughter yelled, "mom, hitch yet britches." Luckily, the top is a pretty long tank top, so I didn't reveal too much

    1. I get to buy new clothes!
    2. I sleep so much better
    3. I'm setting a good example for my daughter, and throughout all of this, I've tried to avoid making it seem like a big deal. More focusing on healthy foods being good and tasty, and making good choices. She's started to eat better too
  • tealtortoise
    tealtortoise Posts: 53 Member
    *I am absolutely no fun at parties. (Don't even want to go anymore)
    *I miss my morning coffee, especially on the weekends... (I gave it up because I cannot drink it black and the creamer has too many calories for me).
    *I feel uncomfortable with extra attention.

    * I suppose I am healthier.
    * I have more clothing options.
    * My workouts are easier and better

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