Looking for friends that want to lose around 60 pounds



  • jgomez0720
    jgomez0720 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm looking to lose around 80 pounds for health reasons. I'm doing a low carb diet and 4 to 5 days of exercising, anyone feel free to add me. More we support each other, the better :)
  • robynrae_1
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    I'm doing t25 and cize I highly suggest them.

    Are these beachbody??

    yes beach body, Cize program is Shawn T. as instructor (hip hop abs guy)
  • anormandin
    anormandin Posts: 5 Member
    I'm looking to lose between 70-80 lbs. I just had my second kid a couple months ago and need to lose the baby weight and all the extra weight I had before I got pregnant. I am looking for people who actively motivate and are willing to chat when things get difficult. Feel free to add me if that's what you're looking for too.
  • Jonathanak6
    Jonathanak6 Posts: 71 Member
    I am 21, trying to lose 50-80 pounds
  • hltc13084
    hltc13084 Posts: 27 Member
    I need to lose about 60! I would also like to add friends!
  • klg1028
    klg1028 Posts: 3 Member
    40-50 pounds is my goal add me!!
  • alanncorie
    alanncorie Posts: 3 Member
    I am just starting my life changing journey and would be happy to accept any cheerleaders willing to offer their services. I will do the same in return .
  • robynrae_1
    robynrae_1 Posts: 712 Member
    So where is everyone from? I am from southern Wisconsin, and no I don't care about the Packers. lol
  • Christine222015
    Christine222015 Posts: 2 Member
    hello i'm 27, live in nazareth married, i have two gorgeous kides leen is 3 years old and zahi is 8 months ,i gained pregnancy weight 25kg in 3 years and i'm trying to lose 27 kg, already lost 4kg in 4 months, i'm looking for spurting friends to help me loss it faster :)
  • meagankrkr
    meagankrkr Posts: 35 Member
    Trying to do this for the 284939th time! Anyone feel free to add me. I need all the support and motivation I can find!
  • fat2fit302015
    fat2fit302015 Posts: 22 Member
    Need to lose 60 for medical reasons, lost 10lbs so far. Suport would be great this time - this isn't my first rodeo.
  • DarcysLosingIt
    DarcysLosingIt Posts: 81 Member

    I am planning to lose about 60-80 lbs.

    Send me a friend request with a message :)
  • Ant488
    Ant488 Posts: 372 Member
    Feel free to add me. I need to drop 25lbs.
  • katg2
    katg2 Posts: 5 Member
    Hi I want to lose 60lbs, im 39 and this is definitely not my first attempt! Well motivated this time though
  • beth_kai
    beth_kai Posts: 27 Member
    I need to lose 60lbs as well. I'm 25 and would love to have people to do it with. Go ahead and add me if you'd like to.