Chronic pain and weight loss

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Looking for others who are like me, doing their best in losing weight while suffering from chronic pain.
Some days it just feels impossible, fighting two fronts at once. Pain reduces exercise, and once weight is gained, pain grows.. it's a cycle. Very hard to maintain positivity and mental stability in this..
SO whoever knows what it's like, i would love for us to support each other.
Good luck everyone :)


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    I suffer from chronic pain and somehow have managed to almost loose 8 stone it's been hard work though
  • taltakumi
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    I suffer from chronic pain and somehow have managed to almost loose 8 stone it's been hard work though

    That's wonderful! I'd love for you to help me w your experience..
  • babysweets33
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    I have lupus so chronic pain is a part of my life. I gained 100 pounds learning to live with lupus now it's time to come off
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    Hi there
    I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and I definitely understand this cycle. I'm in constant pain, I'm always fatigued, and just generally feel like crap most days. Exercise helps a great deal with how I feel but many days it's a real project to get going because of how tired and in pain I am. I know I have to do this because I know losing weight will help relieve the pressure on my joints but holy hell its so hard.
    So far I'm down 11 lbs this time around. I have like 50 more to go and it feels so far away.
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    I have Lupus and some osteoarthritis. I have had fibromyalgia and "frozen shoulders" in the past. I do think that the level of pain on a given day can affect the amount I eat.
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    Fibro, possible lupus (Dr.s keep arguing some tests say yes, some no, at this point whatever) and sleep issues. And yes, it SUCKS when you flare everytime you start making some frigging progress! The hard part for me is that when I'm having a good day, I tend to overwork myself doimg all the housework or whatever at once because I KNOW it won't last long. Which of course sends me into another flare.
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    MS, which causes me pain, fatigue and generally a giant PITA. I try VERY hard to get in at least some exercise, generally in the mornings when my fatigue is lowest, and I use cooking and general housework for exercise, too, as they are things that I cannot always do. I've been cycling between 150-175 pounds lost, depending on inflammation, ability to exercise, and attitude.
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    Syringomyelia - crap mobility and pain. YUP. But we can still lose weight and no doubt when we do, it'll help our conditions/make things a little bit easier.
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    Thanks you guys. Both for finding this post (I accidentally posted in wrong section..) and for replying. I appreciate this :smile:
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    Have psoriasis, autoimmune, fibra, fatigue etc. I know we have all heard this but when I changed my diet and my exercise habits my energy changed. Focusing on what I could eat - anything from the earth or that has a mother- all organic, all grass fed, no flour, sugar or processed and keeping to macro percentages. The hard part was keeping good food creative so I wouldn't slit my wrists from boredom of the same thing day in and out. The hack I will share was I ordered sunbasket for 2 weeks, for all the recepies ( all healthy organic ingredience and Cal's are given on the cards) then cancelled and kept making my own meals with ingredienced they labeled. Also I get up at 5am and work out 7 days. Start at your own pace and if you only get through some of your work out at least you did some. Buy daymond sewall s audio book and practice what he preaches. He is a dick sometimes but it has worked for me. 11 lbs down and an amazing energy I haven't felt in over 10 years. I am so greatful I found this and that I committed to it because I honestly felt like my life was over and there was no hope. Follow daymond on Facebook - like I said his approach can come off as an *kitten* hole but it absolutely works. I feel for everyone on this page. No one inderstands living with pain on a constant basis like its normal is a living hell. Strengthen your will power and give this method a try because i would love more in pain to benefit like I have. Love to you all.
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    I looked up chronic pain and yours was the first post that came up. I know the cycle all too well! I have Complex Regional Pain syndrome and finding ways to exercise is beastly! Swimming is my best bet, but when I had to move last year, I lost my Y membership and local pool. It's taken me a year to find another good pool and now the challenge is being able to get there, because I'm unable to work due to the pain. Now I have to pace myself so I don't overdo it, because I'd become used to doing a bit more in the pool last year, but I've had a year off from swimming. When my pain is flared up, eating actually distracts my body from the pain temporarily. The end result makes it worse, but sometimes that moment is all I can think about. I was up to nearly 65lbs lost at one point, but now I'm sliding back up and desperate to go back in the right direction. Being unable to work, my food budget is limited, so the more natural diet I want to have is more than I can manage. I can't give up though, because I know I feel better in several ways when I lose weight. It's easier on my pain, I feel more confident, I move easier, and more. Must. Not. Give. Up! :smile:
  • sarajustine680
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    I know the chronic pain feeling all too well. I have suffered with 3 brain tumors/3 brain surgeries in the past 6 years. I also suffer with a reoccuring Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak that is currently being misdiagnosed as "severe migraines". Its a tremendous amount of head pain and pressure which leaves me wishing for death on most occasions. Its constant. So constant its my " usual ". Can't even give an accurate rate of how bad it is because of how horrible and constant it is. And being misdiagnosed because a new specialist feels I 'don't have enough symptoms' of a CSF leak when I have them all and I have a history of it & no 'migraine treatments' are working.. Well duh! It makes me mad and sad. I also suffer with 2 thyroid autoimmune disorders, Hashimotos & Graves disease, so my body is constantly fighting its self and leaves me exhausted. All of these severe health issues accompanied by a lot of life issues that are effected because of illness, like unable to work (& when I do work even 1day I suffer for days afterward), lack of money BC of it, stuck in toxic living situation BC I have no money & am sick, depression, anxiety, PTSD from the truama of going through 3 brain tumors.. 2 years ago I fought my way to positivity & was doing so good I changed my way of eating was trying to follow a.i.p. paleo and was exercising everyday I worked my way there & it felt so good! I even lost 70lbs of the 130lbs I gained from these illnesses. Then the 3rd brain tumor diagnosis came, had surgery and back on steroids for a time, that's when I had the first two Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks. I haven't been able to get back to how I was before that surgery. I've gained back 30lbs & have little energy and the pain and pressure on my head is constant. And I'm so depressed. Trying to get back on track to where I was 2 years ago but its not easy. Having this group support will Be so good for all of us. Wishing everyone here better health and healing so we can enjoy our lives the way we deserve to.
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    Blessings and healings to you
  • Happyme2009
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    Try praying , with all your heart . Nobody heals depression faster than Jesus Christ, . I have Hashimoto. I've been severely depressed . I am fat now but trying to slim down . I am a single mother and haven't had a date or relationship in years. But I am ok as long as I keep my faith .
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    I too know how you feel and have spent the last year depressed in pain and it seem like barley moving and in a fog. I have recently found that starting my day with a good tasting ptotein shake ( I like Chocolate Organic Raw Fit) I add 1/2 cup of frozen berries,1/2 banana, chocolate almond milk , and a tsp of coconut oil and blend. This helps get me started and gives me energy. I had to experiment to get the consistency right. I HATE shakes and I hate every protein shake I have ever tried. Then I lay on the floor and just stretch a little and then meditate for 10 -20 minutes. That's how I started. Then gradually I added sininging ! Yes at the top of my lungs every favorite song on my iPhone I could think of. Not only did it bring back good memories it lightened my mood and made me feel better. About a week later I found my self dancing , not Zumba , not areobics just moving along to the music around the house. Old stuff I use to do when I was a kid or actually did when I danced with friends. That's been my exercise everyday for a month and I feel better ,sleep better and have lost 8 pounds. I don't time myself , I just sing and dance. Sometimes 2 or 3 songs, sometimes 7 or 8. But I do it 3 or 4 times a day. No I don't have abs of steel but I look and feel better. I started drininking water with fresh squeezed tangerine , orange or lemon also.

    I also gave up sugar which was hard as I had a sweet tea addiction. Flour , processed foods all the stuff that bad for you. But I eat dark chocolate chips and pumpkin seeds every night as a snack and that seems to control the sugar cravings. Plus starting with the shake helps too. It keeps me full too. I have to make myself eat lunch!

    I hope this helps someone. It's taken me a long time to feel anything good or bad I have just felt blah. If you don't do anything else on this list do the shake and the singing they changed everything!