Binge weekend , sad

Well what a terrible weekend food wise. Knew i was going to a bbq ln Saturday, was on track all week, thought to myself "u got this" just eat mindfully and slowly, make healthy choices etc. But i diidnt i ate everything! Including 3 desserts (made myself so ill, had. A ver bad tummy all night) today woke up, thought i would draw a line under it, but ive ended up at another get together and moderation went out the window, and when i got home i still diidnt stop! I feel Ill again.

I feel so so angry, and mad with myself. Amd also worried about my futer maintenance plans. Ive lst ovr 80lbs and 24lbs to go, it scares me that i can still eat that amount of food to the point of being ill. I would have thought after all this time changing my lifestyle, eating etc i would have gained some unconscious control!

Even whilst i was eating it all, i was saying to myslef "your full, stop eating" but I couldn't.

I feel so so sad .....


  • bbell1985
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    I do the same thing at parties and BBQs. The last one I went to I even brought my own salad mix. At one point I just had to leave because there was no controlling me.

    I don't know if that helps you at all...just to know you're not alone.
  • missdelainie
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    I just did that today working Sunday brunch buffet Father's Day... I told myself I would play it cool but you can't but what I did do was filled my plate with mostly veggies then ofcourse a bit of potatoes and chicken... the went ham on desserts... I'll start again tomorrow all you can do!
  • gmstevens37
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    80 pounds is amazing! It's not all lost. It will be OK you'll get right back on track.
  • Heather4448
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    Yeah, um, look at my diary on the 13th for an entry called 'Birthday Party.'
    Guess what? That day is over! I'm still in a deficit! Look at your weekly calorie intake. I bet you're still in a deficit or at maintenance level.
    Enjoy life.
    Log it and move on.
    Tomorrow is a new day.
  • theresa961
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    been there, done that! log it honestly and kiss it goodbye! keep up the good work. I consider this a lifelong journey to health. congratulations on your incredible success...
  • KenzieGills0419
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    Remember it's just a bad day!! Jist get back on track tomorrow. I need your secret. I have to lose 62 pounds.
  • bbell1985
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    Also, I don't know if you workout...but if you do, you might notice some extra energy from the calories/carbs. I always just try to have fun putting them to use :) The extra calories might increase your desire to move around a bit too.
  • spiffychick85
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    Yeah today was a calorie bomb for me too...but I will wake up tomorrow and start right back at it and so will you. One weekend won't undo all of your success.
  • heslopsk
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    Congrats on your 80lb weight loss! That is amazing! You are doing great! Be kind to yourself. Learn from this past weekend and remember the crappy feelings that you are having. Try drinking something like ginger tea or something to fill you up before you eat. Side note, ginger tea works wonders for an upset stomach! I haven't tried it after overeating, so idk how it works for an upset stomach due to that. Keep up the good work.
  • WendyLeigh1119
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    Don't think of it as bad. It's not. As long as you're dedicated to burning lots of calories this week, you'll still lose and won't notice a .5 pounds less 3 weeks from now in the grand scheme. I ate chocolate cupcakes, pizza, and candy this weekend at the movies and for Father's Day. Way over 1200 calories. No biggie. I'll kick the *kitten* out of the gym all week and keep a -1000 deficit. I relax and eat what I want every weekend. It's only a big deal if you let it less up your mind and whole week or binge every weekend. It's just food. Not poison. Wake up tomorrow and burn some calories.
  • Mooma29
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    Ahh it's not the end of the world. This weekend I have done a boozy 21st birthday party, and a full blown wedding feast canapés 3 course lunch and evening buffet, not to mention yet more booze. I don't regret it, important people in my life I wanted to celebrate with. Back to sensible eating and exercise today. I might see a weight gain when I get weighed but it won't be as much as I've lost over all and will soon be gone again. Chin up you'll be ok x
  • loulouowens
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    WOW thank you all so much for your overwhelming support!

    I feel better this morning, I did enjoy myself and it was nice to have friends and family get together.

    I have prepared myself a healthy lunch and I'm back on it from today. I will not let it turn into 3 days, 4 days a week long binge.

    How do people manage at maintenance? do they eat at a deficit all week, so you can indulge at weekend? or is that a bad habit to get into?
  • faidwen
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    Never, ever, ever, ever allow food, binges, or what you might think of as a mistake to get you down. One day, or a couple of days, are not the end of the world. Hop back on track, and continue making the life choices that keep you healthy..... and HAPPY!!!

    At the end of the day (or weekend, or week for that matter), it takes more then a few oopsies to mess up what is otherwise a wonderful lifestyle of healthy choices.

    Don't get down. LOVE LIFE!