Need friends

Need friends for motivation and support.


  • Brabo_Grip
    Brabo_Grip Posts: 285 Member
    Sending request.
  • suzettedees
    suzettedees Posts: 85 Member
    You can add me
  • NurseVantine
    NurseVantine Posts: 5 Member
    Hello from Joshua, Tx. I'm looking to make connections for inspiration and motivation. I use the Garmin Connect app under user NurseVantine. I'd love to connect there as well for challenges and motivation. Hope to see you around!
  • Heatherpuggy2018
    Heatherpuggy2018 Posts: 42 Member
    Hi Everyone - I would be more than happy to have anyone add me as a friend. I am a female looking to lose 60lbs and joined this week with the intention of eating healthily and doing plenty of exercise. I have an open diary to friends on here so Happy to be added by anyone as I can offer support and your connection will also keep me focused.
  • alidaalberts
    alidaalberts Posts: 9 Member
    Add me too. Thanks. I need support
  • Bradley_J84
    Bradley_J84 Posts: 110 Member
    Anyone can add me, down 68, looking to lose another 42. Always looking for motivating friends
  • annobrien8806
    annobrien8806 Posts: 8 Member
    Add me
  • DianBudram
    DianBudram Posts: 33 Member
    Please feel free to add me.
  • katricianutting586
    katricianutting586 Posts: 14 Member
    Please feel free to add me!
  • cmdipa97
    cmdipa97 Posts: 10 Member
    Feel free to send me a friend request! I could always use more friends (and support)!
  • Appeysappeys
    Appeysappeys Posts: 6 Member
    Hello everyone! I am also in need of support and someone to call me out when i over indulge (today was a very bad day for emotional eating). I'll be adding ye up and feel free to add me. We can an eye out for eachother.
  • evilpoptart63
    evilpoptart63 Posts: 397 Member
    Please add me :)