Breastfeeding and gaining weight

I heard so many times one of the perks of breastfeeding is you will lose weight either fast or a lot over time. This is not true for me at all! I've been gaining weight and it doesn't help breastfeeding makes me crazy hungry. I just wonder if anyone else on here is having or has had the same problem and how things turned out.


  • leylasekyi
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    I haven't lost weight from breastfeeding alone. I guess it depends on the individual.
  • Care76
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    I lost at least 30lbs within a couple months of having my son, but then my supply was low. Once I started taking domperidone I gained 25lbs back! I found it really hard to lose weight while breastfeeding because I was so hungry. But for me, knowing my baby was getting the best and I had the rest of my life to diet helped.

    Once he was almost a year old I started tracking everything I put into my mouth. I restricted calories, but not a lot. I ate 2,000 and exercised about 5 days a week (I walked and did 30 day shred) and didn't eat those calories back. I made my own logs for everything I made and weighed every single thing. I lost weight, not fast though. I averaged two pounds a month. I lost 25lbs in a year. I am 5'4" and was 186 when I started. I'm still going, but slowly. I was 141 today.

    Most people I know that lose weight very fast seem to put it back on fast. For me I don't mind taking my time. Oh, and now that I'm not breastfeeding and I'm at normal BMI I can't eat more than 1,500 calories. So even though I didn't think it at the time, breastfeeding did help me burn a bit more calories. Good luck!
  • kavahni
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    BFed for 31 months. Didn't lose a pound!
  • Kelly11
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    I lost 23lbs when my little guy was born on Dec. 31st, then gained 10+ back! I just got my period last week and have lost 5 or so pounds of probably water weight. I feel so much better. I think much of the bf weight is hormone related and fluid retention! And snacks. Lots of snacks. :) Looks like there are lots of gals gaining and bfing!
  • CB8504
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    Thanks ladies!