Meal replacement shakes

I'm an active Mom.and lately it feels like even though I'm trying to get to the gym to work out dinners are getting later in the eveNing which I know aren't good.
I'd like to replace dinner with a weight loss shake but I don't want anything with lots of sugar or tons a protein cause I'm trying to lose the weight not gain a bunch of muscle. Does anyone have experience with meal replacement shakes that they incorporated into their life and they've lost weight with?


  • emacg2
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    Try whey protein with almond milk shake
  • dlkfox
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    Late dinners are no problem unless you feel like you are starving until then.
  • ninerbuff
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    Muscle gain is improbable on a calorie deficit for most of the general population. Eating late isn't an issue as long as you're in a calorie deficit. I eat till 11:30pm each night.

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  • sunsweet77
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    My favorite tasting is Premier Protein, chocolate. Costco carries them in bulk.
  • 150poundsofme
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    I second the Premier chocolate (didn't like the other 4 or 5 flavors). Other big box stores carry them. too. Walmart sells 4 packs of them (then you can try the different flavors and/or just buy a one pack to see if you like it)
  • size102b
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    Eat real unprocessed foods.
    Your body will burn more calories digesting proper foods than any shakes.
    Prep is your friend
    Make meals in advance freezer refrigerate etc.

    I've done meal replacement shakes you feel deprived and yoyo.
    Real food is better tbh
  • snarah1
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    I've lost almost 80 pounds by using premier protein shakes (I like the banana the best). I replace breakfast and lunch on weekdays with them. As long as I stay busy, which as a teacher that's not hard, I don't feel deprived. It's the weekends when I have more idle time that I want to snack. I get my shakes at walmart.
  • Muscleflex79
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    You won't gain a bunch of muscle simply by drinking protein shakes. It takes a regimen of heavy lifting with adequate protein and a calorie surplus, and even then it is difficult for women to gain that much muscle.
    Also nothing wrong with a later dinner. Meal timing does not affect weight loss. I eat right up until I go to bed sometimes. Only time it's an issue is if it affects your sleep in some manner.
    As for shakes, I'm a big fan of Fitmiss Vanilla Chai. I usually use it for snacks or an easy breakfast. Add a little yogurt, some fruit, cashew milk, and I'm good to go!

    this!! trust me, you won't turn into a muscle machine by drinking a protein shake or two!
  • JeromeBarry1
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    You can live on Boost as a meal replacement.
  • cerise_noir
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    There's nothing wrong with a late dinner unless eating late causes acid reflux, disturbs your sleep or causes you to go over your calories.

    Protien doesn't cause muscle gain. Excess calories and progressive weight lifting do. It's hard enough to gain muscle and even harder for women to do so!
  • Ready2Rock206
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    I guarentee you can drink as many shakes as you want - they won't make you gain muscle. Those guys with the big muscles are earning it in the gym, lifting weights and not eating at a calorie deficit.

    And there's nothing wrong with eating late.
  • Muana1005
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    When at work I split my dinners - 200 calories before or during my commute, and 200-300 calories when I get home. My Gym time occurs prior to my morning commute - usually 4am.
  • folgers86
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    Protein keeps you full,you want protein. I'll add a vote for premier protein shakes - chocolate. Low calorie, low sugar/carb, and high protein. OhYeah - chocolate shakes aren't bad either but can be harder to find.
  • xmichaelyx
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    nmglassey wrote: »
    I don't want anything with lots of sugar or tons a protein cause I'm trying to lose the weight not gain a bunch of muscle.

    This is not a sensible statement.

    Optimum Nutrition protein powder with almond milk: low in calories, great tasting, mixes easily, and cheap. I prefer the vanilla ice cream flavor, but YMMV.