Struggling with the 80/20

I am having a difficult time with making healthy food choices( hence the 80/20). I feel like my body I need to cut out simple carbs and eat more often to boosts my metabolism but it's so hard. HELP ME PLEASE


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    Try writing out your plan for the day rather than making choices on the fly.
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    I feel like my body I need to cut out simple carbs and eat more often to boosts my metabolism but it's so hard. HELP ME PLEASE

    There is no reason for you to think this.

    Cutting out simple carbs will probably help keep you from getting hungry as often, and eating more often is sometimes an effective strategy for controlling hunger (but this varies from person to person).

    But forget about "boosting you metabolism"; that's marketing BS from people who want you to buy whatever they're selling.

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    The idea behind 80/20 is to take some pressure off. I think that is a great approach. It looks to me like you've gotten yourself into a net that is getting more and more tangled.

    What is your definition of healthy food choices?

    How can you tell your body wants you to cut out simple carbs (as if that were possible and still have a healthy diet)?Do you know what simple carbs is?

    Why do you think your metabolism needs boosting, and why do you think eating more often has that effect?
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    I am having a difficult time with making healthy food choices( hence the 80/20). I feel like my body I need to cut out simple carbs and eat more often to boosts my metabolism but it's so hard. HELP ME PLEASE
    Eating more often does not boost metabolism. That is a complete myth. You can eat as often or as infrequent as you want. Total calories and nutrients for the day/week determine progress, not when you consume them. Additionally, "healthy" is a very subjective word. No individual foods are necessarily healthy or unhealthy in a vacuum. Why do you think simple carbs are bad? Fruit is a simple carb and most people would consider that to be a food that is nutritious and part of a balanced diet. Rather than create stress of individual food choices, why not concern yourself more with total calories and macronutrients consumed each day? Those factors drive results, not the individual food choices you make.

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    Eating one meal or eating six meals a day does not matter. Number of meals makes no difference Eat at the times you like. Instead of focussing on what you are giving up, pay attention to and enjoy the foods you are eating.
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    I had to take the middle road.

    I can't eat ice cream and cookies every day. If I do, I don't have enough calories left for the nutrition my body needs. The other problem (for me) with cookies, ice cream, French bread, English muffins, pretzels, chips, cake, donuts etc., is that once I start it's really hard to stop if I have it in the house. So I've stopped buying large portions of the items I have trouble moderating - UNLESS I accept I'll eat it all in probably two days. I make my decisions in the store.

    The other thing is that a bunch of small meals makes me crazy. I never feel satiated, I'm always thinking about food, and it's just annoying and frustrating and makes it hard for me to stay in calories. So I eat two largish meals a day within a window of time. For me that window is between 8AM-ish and 4PM (or thereabouts.) I don't eat before that or after that, and larger meals give me a full feeling and I don't obsess about my next feed. I go to bed early and get up early. That keeps me from after-dinner snacking and ensures I'll get enough sleep.

    Do some experimenting and you'll find your happy place.
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    80/20 is supposed to make things easier. You're making it unnecessarily complicated with your own arbitrary rules that have nothing to do with weight loss. Toss the complications out. Eat foods you like at a calorie deficit whenever you want to eat them.
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    Another vote for experimenting with the foods and number of meals that fill you up the best.
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    Decide what you're going to eat for the day and pre-log it into the MFP diary. Try to stick with that for a couple days. That way you can have a treat or snack that still fits into your daily calorie goal without trying to figure out what percentage (80/20 or whatever) it fits into.

    Doing the pre-logging and then making adjustments at the end of the day (if I've deviated from the plan) really helps keep me on track. I also eat frequently so I don't become ravenous and be tempted to go off plan and eat a whole bag of chips. It doesn't work for everyone, but I eat 3 small meals and 1 or 2 larger ones.
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    Sometimes it's 50/50, sometimes it's 80/20, sometimes it's 100/0 in either direction. Your metabolism will be the same, don't stress (that's arguably worse heheh)
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    Do what works best for you. A lot of people have success by cutting out simple carbs, or having small frequent meals, but it isn't the only way to lose. Restricting carbs makes me feel miserable, so I don't do it. Same with the tiny meals- it just isn't for me. You have to do something that you can stick with and still feel happy. None of this is easy, but we'll get there! :)
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    If you'd like to "boost your metabolism" I'd suggest trying to raise your NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenisis). Basically just move more during the day. Take the stairs, take a walk at work every hour, park far away from the store, do house work, or yard work instead of watch TV in the evening, etc.