Kodiak Powercakes recipes

Raegold Posts: 191 Member
I've been using Kodiak powercakes to make pancakes or waffles, and using 3 TBSP egg whites and 1/2 scoop of salted caramel quest powder, plus water... Now that I'm counting my macros more, I'm going way over my protein goals, so I need to scale back this recipe. I tried making it with just water and it wasn't great... not fluffy at all, not a great consistency. Does anyone have any specific way you use the Kodiak mix with good results? Thanks!


  • Strawblackcat
    Strawblackcat Posts: 944 Member
    I used to just mix it with water, a little extra stevia extract (you could use sugar or honey, if you prefer) and a tbsp of mini chocolate chips and microwave it in a coffee mug sprayed with some nonstick spray to make a mug cake. It's really good if you put maple syrup on top!
  • kimie54
    kimie54 Posts: 24 Member
    I use the muffin recipe on the box, and add whatever fruit I want or zucchini.