Anyone else on the injured list right now?

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I came up with my own exercise routine to do while I'm nonweightbearing for 8 weeks (broken foot), and am interested to see what other injured folks are doing for their workouts. What kind of adjustments have you made?


  • Ohwhynot
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    How's your recovery going? How do you feel? Do you have a long way to go?
    Sounds like you've got a good plan going on, but UGH i know how you feel about it being strict. I miss my deadlifts and am starting to miss my runs, even though I hate running. LOL!

    I'm just at the beginning of my recovery and honestly I'm depressed as hell. I haaaaaate just sitting around. I have 7 more weeks to go. >.<

  • Ohwhynot
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    Not working with a coach but maybe I should... I'm doing bench presses, curls, tricep kickbacks, and a bunch of other no-legs-involved stuff, plus a lot of core work, but deadlifts just became my new fav and now I'm missing them hardcore. :'(
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    I injured my SI joint a few weeks ago, not exactly sure how. I was supposed to compete in a powerlifting meet in a few weeks until this came up.
    I'm basically doing a bodybuilding routine now, training all the muscles but no compound barbell movements or ab work.
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    I'm recovering from back surgery still, even though I was cleared for activity by my surgeon and physical therapist. I'm just starting to lift again, but my body is telling me I'm not ready for the barbell (at least for squats or deadlifts) just yet. :'( I'm dabbling with dumbbell stuff and figuring out what doesn't cause pain after.
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    Not "injured" but recovering from menisectomy from the 16th. Knee is still a little swollen inside, but I'm walking around albeit with a little limp. At least no cruthches or pain meds needed. Looking back to getting lifting back in about another 5 weeks or so.

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    I am currently recovering from high hamstring tendinitis in both of my legs. It initially started in mid Feb in just my right hamstring. I had been training for the Boston marathon in April and was not willing to quit running and forgo the race, so I pushed through it and ended up getting tendinitis in my left leg as a result of compensating. I began seeing a PT in March. He helped me come up with a program of stretching, strength training and minimal running that would get me through Boston. Once I finished Boston (April 17th), I took a 7 week break from running.

    During that time I continued to do the stretches and strengthening exercises recommended by my PT, plus I started swimming 3 days per week, taking cycle classes and doing the P90X3 program, which includes lots of agility, balance, core strengthening type work with a bit of cardio. Earlier this month I started doing some heavier lifting guided by a personal trainer. I am hoping that all of these things will help me to avoid future running injuries.

    Currently I am working on easing back into running. My hamstrings are not fully recovered yet, so I am trying to find the delicate balance of not running too much. It's not that easy, as running is my true passion, but I have learned a lot about my body over the past couple of months, so maybe the learning experience will all be worth it in the end.

    Good luck with your recovery. Hang in there, it will get better!
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    WHile I don't want this to sound like I'm HAPPY others are injured, it feels go to know I'm not alone. :) I am NEVER taking my healthy body for granted again. Being laid up suuuuuccccckkkkssss!
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    Aggravated my Achilles tendon a couple of weeks ago. It hurt, for a while to walk, could not run. Still can't (probably). Found the rowing machine and the stationary bike at the gym which work just fine. Went back to a more lifting regime. The tendon is feeling better, it is my Achilles Heel (ha ha) and will give it a test run next week. "Just like starting over..."
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    Been on the DL for 304 days and counting...
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    Shear injury of my right patellar cartilage here. I'm doing pretty much what lower body stuff my PT has "blessed" (monster walks, resistance band leg presses, banded fire hydrants, etc), as well as low resistance elliptical (everything else seems to cause pain), and upper body stuff. Maybe this is the year I get my pull up!
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    i have a torn brevis tendon in my ankle and have been in a boot for 5 weeks. one week to go. hopefully i'll be given the ok to get out of it and get back at it next wed. i've just been doing upper body and modifying other stuff like kick boxing and kettle bell. just doing what i can do. it's frustrating but better than nothing i guess.
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    Recently tore my ACL/MCL and will being having surgery next week. Following this thread to see what other folks are doing.
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    When I broke my ankle four years ago, I asked the doctor two questions:
    1. When can I start running again?
    2. When can I play squash again?

    6 weeks and 3 months, assuming the break is clean. It was, but I have never felt such pain in my life. I was basically stuck in bed for two weeks. During that time I was less worried about strength and muscle fitness than I was about cardio. So I started following exercise videos on YouTube. These sessions got your heart rate up by flapping your arms a lot. It felt silly, but I did try to maintain the routine.

    My sister-in-law was about to complete her yoga certification around that time, so I asked her for some yoga routines that did not require standing. She could not find anything that worked for me.

    So I went to the pool at the gym. There I could remove the boot and pretend to talk and, eventually, swim jog.

    It took eighteen months to get back to running without any pain or swelling. But here is the sad thing: Five weeks ago I sprained that same ankle while trail running. I was running again in two weeks, but the ligaments won't relax. Back in physio because my ankle went into super protection mode after the sprain.

    Keep the crutches (you never know when you will topple.
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    2 years ago I broke my ankle and I am now the proud owner of a plate and 8 screws. It took me over a year to start running again. Lots of PT and patience helped. Once I was cleared to walk that was my focus. I walked the dog all the time, did a series of 5ks (all walking) to improve my time for each one. It was tough, but because I was patient I can now run an 8:27 mile! Not super speedy but so much faster than I was even before I got hurt.
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    Ohwhynot wrote: »
    deadlifts just became my new fav and now I'm missing them hardcore. :'(

    in your place i think i'd consider the pullup option, maybe find a template for progression that you like if you're not able to do them yet (no assumptions, just that i sure can't).

    reason i suggest it is because i love deadlifting too, and for my mileage working on 'negative' pullups translated beautifully into increased core, upper back and lat strength. all of which in turn tranfer just awesome to the world of deadlifts, when you're ready to do them again.

    *not specifically injured, but reserving myself a spot on this bench anyway. i've had a long long long long term thing going on with my left foot [fractured a big toe 35 years ago, which never did regain full function or mobility]. everything they say about issues with your feet trickling up the entire kinetic chain is the truth, so i've kind of got my own squatting and deadlifting in a holding pattern while i try to finally pick apart this foot thing and get it resolved. *
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    Shoulder impingement, can not do low bar squats at all but press is fine. The arm just can not go far enough back to do the squat in proper form.

    Alternative exercise high bar squat. I know it's not perfect for my program but you play with the cards your dealt. I also am working on shoulder mobility daily and that is letting the arm go back enough for the high bar position. I am hoping that I can get the mobility back so I can do the squat right as per program.

    Side note: Get worried on bench and press sometimes but so far it doesn't see to effect them much. It does get "warm" after squatting and the prolonged stretch it forces but no pain.

    Oh and ya I had major reconstruction on the ligaments on my left ankle as parting gift from USMC. The Navy doc did a fairly good job on rebuilding it after a sever grade 3 ankle sprain. Think toes to mid calf purple type of sprain. I can walk on it pretty good but running any real distance is out, well at least until I lose more weight and impact not as bad. This injury was 15 years ago and luckily it doesn't seem to hurt at all during squats or dead lifts.

    Alternative exercise - lap swimming. I simply love doing laps for cardio now. Since I decided to fix my weight problems this was a great find. It can kick my *kitten* but I do not feel the impacts of other cardio. I also do elliptical and rowers but I do not like them.
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    I hope everyone gets better soon! @sullrico18 - this is what I've been doing as my footless workout. You might have to adjust as you prob can't do the donkey kicks or firehydrants with your knee surgery.

    oblique crunches
    leg/arm up crunches (don't know what they're called but you make your body like a U shape and reach up)
    donkey kicks
    fire hydrants
    clam shells
    to failure - plank
    bicep curls
    tricep kickbacks
    lateral raises
    french curls
    hammer curls
    bench press
    bench my kiddo as many times as I can
    bent over rows seated