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    Just don't eat or drink anything with sugar or starch. A big fat juicy steak with the veggies on the side but swap the baked or mashed potatoes out for Caesar salad with bacon instead of croutons. If you have a cocktail, have hard liquor mixed with Diet soda. LCHF is the best way to lose and keep it off. Watch Dr. Fung on youtube. I have been doing this with amazing results.

    lol no...cesar salad with bacon is beter thn a baked potato? thats kind of funny, I work in a restaurant i know EXACTLY how wrong that is the dressing we use alone is 180 calories per tbl spoon the bacon is completely redic and our crutons are actually a healthy option XD

    i agree. a baked potato plain is far superior to a fully loaded Caesar salad, far less calories, fat, etc.
    potatoes are actually a healthy food.
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    If I go out to eat I find the healthiest item on the menu and try to eat the healthiest parts of that. Like if we go out for Mexican, I avoid chips and order a fajita but just eat what's on the skillet without the rice/beans/tortilla. For most date night's we go out to a bar and play pool. I'll have 1 vodka tonic and he drinks whatever he wants and I drive home Lol. Its not bad, we still have a good time without taking me off track:)
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    Right now I'm maintaining for a week or two, but when I'm actively cutting I do the following things, sometimes just one, sometimes a combo:

    * Save up some calories during the week and the day before date night and then order something *reasonable* but that I really want.
    * Bring a tupperware and immediately put half of my food in it to take home
    * If I get a salad I ask for the dressing on the side instead of mixed in so I can be sure what I'm getting (I love salad, so that's sometimes what I honestly want)
    * I'm more a food person than a beverage person so I just drink water
    * Date night is usually Saturday so I try to get in some extra exercise on the weekends
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    Depends on your goals! I get a kick out of Carter Good's "Eat this not that" Series:

    Date night for us vary between staying in and cooking healthfully (more common, weekly), eating steaks or goal-oriented choices out (monthly), or what we did last night: a prix fixe at a local restaurant with a full wine + food pairing (once a quarter-ish).

    What good is "dieting" if you doing get to enjoy yourself occasionally with the person you love. :)