Two Years = 25# weight gain

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I worked hard and lost over 60 pound three years ago Then over the last two years I have gained 25 of it back. It sucks, I know what I need to do to be healthy. I lack motivation and drive. To make matters worse I'm recovering from shoulder surgery. I'm four weeks post-op. Looking to stop the pitty party and get back to being healthy!


  • AliceDark
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    Welcome back! It does suck to have to redo work that you've already done, but 25 pounds over 104 weeks is a really slow rate of gain (it's an extra 125 calories per day). You've just overshot your maintenance level by the tiniest amount, so once you've lost it, it shouldn't be too difficult to adjust to your new maintenance levels.

  • Dootzy1
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    Re-gain is so easy, and it IS discouraging. Moving forward from regain, myself. I am struggling to make peace with it and trying to focus on health. :|
  • SummerSkier
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    The difference for me to maintain where i am now(~18 lbs to much) and to maintain at my goal given the same activity level is only 130 calories. When I did the math I was astonished. What is motivating me again is my new fitbit HR and also doing the CT5K program. You should be encouraged that you CAN do this and are getting back to it before you gained it all back. i have been a yo yo dieter forever. I am REALLY REALLY good at dieting - although as I get older it gets harder each time - but I am awful at maintenance. I think if I hit my goal this time I am going to keep an eye on the maintenance threads here for help. usually the end of a diet for me is not maintenance but binging. I have found in just 4-5 weeks of data that my heart rate avg has dropped from 65 avg to 58 avg the past few days. Think about how many MILLIONS of times less your heart has to work in a years time?!!!
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    Welcome back, good on you for realizing you were backsliding!
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    Looks like you are on the right track! You've got this!