Need Motivation!!

AnaA78 Posts: 85 Member
Please help. Need to start back again and don't know when or how..


  • bellabella1983
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    Add me
  • GrayRider61
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    You have to decide your "why." Usually a number isn't enough.
  • dannywright811
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    Hey add me.. recently started again.. I'm once again hooked
  • Ejcejcejc
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    Start now! Water, water, water (64-100 ounces a day) and track your food on here for a week. (make sure "fiber" is one of your macros in Settings so you can track your next carbs)

    Then start reading and keep learning from sources of info you trust about food and supplements.
  • Fitwithit80
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    Recently started again as well
  • calderoakmikel1
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    I found adding friends from the community really helps, I joined 4 days ago and I made friends here, to know that they can see what I eat really helps me keep in track. Also, to see what they ate and how many calories they used exercising helps me get motivated. I love this community!
  • Slugbug81
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    I just started back. Needing to lose 20 pounds and recently have been eating a lot of carbs and sweets ☹
    Working wife and mother of 2. Not much support at home.
  • smileyducky
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    A good place to start is figuring out how many cals you eat normally, from there if there's any high cal offenders like too much oil or butters try and reduce them. I started and stopped many many times until I finally learned to take it slow. I reduced my calories by only a couple hundred in the beginning and upping my water count. Once that got easy I reduced my calories a couple hundred more until I eventually got used to eating at 1100-1300 cals a day (no exercise, 40lb loss in one year).
  • sandyrosser
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    Add me. TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) member since 2016. Got seriously restarted in 2015. Near my goal weight. I love sharing and helping to motivate others.
  • Slugbug81
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    Good job smileyducky. It's nice to be reassured that it might take time, but the little changes can make a difference.
    Thank you sandyrosser
  • VeronicaA76
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    Just start somewhere. Seriously. Even if it's a daily walk, do it. Everyone started somewhere, even Mr. Olympia. Make a journal and fill it for one month with daily workouts and nutrition habits. A month is about how long a habit takes to form.
  • Brendaflores114
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    Find an exercise activity you like. Plan an exercise routine for one week. If possible, get some friends to join you.
  • natasha_rogers01
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    Add me. I'm just getting started too!
  • Rubysue17
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    I totally agree with grayrider61. First decide your "why". That's your first motivation! I could not stand the way I felt. Forget about the way I looked! I could not stand feeling like a blimp anymore, and some things were getting hard for me to do. Then take baby steps and change one thing at a time. You can add me if you like.
  • michellsellner2008
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    One day at a time goes for this too. Baby steps is another way. I've been close to my goal weight twice and ended up with bronchitis or pneumonia just to resart after I get better. I go by the way I feel but it took me 1 yr to lose 35 lbs. Add me and we can keep in touch.
  • paulawriteslove
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    Hello! you got this!! Find out your reason 'why' and make small attainable goals! You got this! Feel free to add me :smile:
  • Nikion901
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    Take one step, and then start the next one.
  • Slugbug81
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    I am finding out that some "whole" foods are very high in fat. I've been eating a lot of dairy and nuts because I was trying to follow a clean eating diet and just realized I was eating way tooany calories. I do believe that whole foods are the best, but a Larabar has 200 calories. That's a lot for a "snack " I could have a small cookie for half that.
    Can anyone share their experiences with this?