Fit after 40

Trying to get back to feeling more like myself :) Premenopause is the culprit and I am NOT going to let it kick me!!


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    I know exactly what you mean jackiemae6. It's not easy!
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    I'm not 40 yet and it's hit me like a tonne of bricks! :s
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    Holy crap, Angioplasty on my 49th birthday narrowly averted an untimely death. Damn you bad genes! Running hard and working hard to get back in shape after 2 and 1/2 months of inactivity. Need to loose some poundage too. Making steady progress slowly. Hooah!
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    How is it that progress seems to creep by barely making a dent in anything? Mood swinging is still in force (not as frequent, but when it hits! OMG, Watchout!!) Some days are better than others, and the bloating has lessened. Guess those are two pluses in this journey. Weight? No progress there even though I have been watching food intake and exercise routines. Just need to keep at it and hope for the best.
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    Getting old is hell. Hang in there! How do we trick our hormones...?
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    I'm getting there too...starting to see the signs. sighhh
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    I'm in the same boat as you - it sucks! But you just have to push through. Hormones wreak havoc on our bodies, especially during the pre-menopausal period, so I hope you find what works for you. I haven't found anything that works for me, so I'll just deal with it!
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    Right? Hormones! Pretty much the culprit here! My family has a history of breast cancer so even hormone therapy is a bust for me. So muddling through hoping exercise, proper nutrition and one understanding husband is the key to success. Here's hoping you ladies can find some relief and make it through too!
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    I hear you I'm struggling with my weight gain - this is a long journey- getting old is not for sissies
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    jackiemae6 wrote: »
    Right? Hormones! Pretty much the culprit here! My family has a history of breast cancer so even hormone therapy is a bust for me. So muddling through hoping exercise, proper nutrition and one understanding husband is the key to success. Here's hoping you ladies can find some relief and make it through too!

    Dear jackiemae6 if it means anything, well just be patient and don't give up.... My mom have problems with gaining weight during menopause. But few years later she came back to normal, and now we weight equally! Good luck and stay strong!!
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    YASSSSSSSSSS!!!! stupid age making things hard now!!! LOL
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    In the same boat
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    Hang in there @jackiemae6 - there's no magic bullet that lets you lose weight quickly (in a healthy manner), you just have to persevere. So long as you caloric intake is (safely) below your BMR, you will lose weight overt time.

    A bit of water retention is normal at first, so you might be losing fat but not seeing the results on the scales, similarly, depending on your exercise plan, you might be adding muscle weight (good!).
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    The balancing of the scales for being a women ;)

    I am entering that phase at 48 (49 in August) so after losing 84 pounds in my early-mid 40's I know just trying to lose the next 15 and maintain at a happy place has started to become more challenging. I think it may take some redirecting of goals. While we tend to focus a great deal on the scale there are a lot more areas we can focus on that can get us closer to our ultimate goal of health. I highly suggest taking your measurements, doing some physical activity that challenges you and listen really close to your body when it comes to your diet. For me, focusing on these things actually got me further than eating within my calorie range and exercise (the new bloating :/ ). Though I admit I have fallen off and I am struggling trying to get back on that track but I am determined to get there because for me I see that as being a way that will go the distance.

    My note on the challenging physical activity - do something you really don't like. I have overcome my dislike of any exercise that required me to get on the floor, jumping jacks, jumping rope, planks, bicycle crunches and push ups. Each activity has been a progressive work that has shown me just what my body is capable of doing most times to my surprise. I know I have strength and can apply that to most things, including managing my diet. I have accepted that even if I get to my 'goal' weight I will more than likely not look the way I imagine and probably won't be happy with that but I can be happy with a strong body even if it weighs more than I think it should ;)
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    Well, I am 50 years young. I have lost 43 pounds. I working it out. I will not call myself old because furniture and newspaper is old and you can toss that out. But. You can not toss out people.
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    Good for you jackiemae! I am 47 and trying to re-lose weight I lost earlier in my forties while making myself into a stronger fitter version. I have seen some success but need to keep motivated, changin, and pushing. It is hard! I set my calorie intake higher than the last time I used MFP (1800 cal) and surprisingly it has worked for me so far-perhaps even better than with the drastic cutting I did last time (1200cal). I am trying to eat lean and green. I am likely approaching premenopause and as my weight is going down, I may have to cut down more to see the target weight that I have of being within a healthy BMI. I have an open diary for friends and enjoy seeing others succeed. I would be happy to be a part of this group. Let's do this!
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    I guess Imshould qualify by saying "mainly lean and green." I am not a tee totaller.
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    So fell off the wagon for awhile, winter sucks...too cold to get moving and too many hours of darkness. Thankful the weather has started warming up so I can get motivated again!!
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    So day three of doing some walking, still struggling with it :/ can’t help feeling disappointed because I am WAY behind where I was. But, I WILL get this!!!