One of those days...

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I just can't eat enough. Some days I struggle to eat the 1600 calories but today I just can't get satisfied. And it is my rest day , so I won't be getting extra room for error. Anyone else have those days? I really went hard in my workouts all week and on top of a heavy workout yesterday, I did an hour and a half of yard work (mowing, weed eating, etc) in this hot , hot, hot Louisiana sun. Wonder if I'm still depleted from yesterday.


  • middlehaitch
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    Are you eating back an adequate portion of your exercise calories?
    If not, and your 1600 isn't your TDEE, you should.

    Under furling your body can sometimes lead to lethargy and/or binging.

    Review your weight loss and make sure you are losing at a pace that is goal and weight appropriate.

    Eating over your limit for a day won't set you back. Eat, log, and move on.

    Cheers, h.
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    I'm losing about 1lb per week. On work out days I try and eat between 1700-1800. I don't log exercise calories since most days I do a lot of strength with cardio spurts. But yesterday was a crazy amount of physical activity, so maybe I need to eat at 1800 again today even tho I'm on a rest day.