What to grab for breakfast on the go?

I work for century link which means up at 6:3 and out the door to my work truck all day. The problem is i never have time to make breakfast so is there something you guys eat maybe later in the day to fill the void of breakfast? Im trying the 16/8 calorie intake rule so I prefer to not eat until about 11-11:30 in the day. Whats good and healthy thay can give me some protein and carbs but little fat?


  • CJYogii
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    After I eat my first meal (which is at 1pm) i love to drink a lot of water personally and what really keeps me full after that is 3 boiled eggs with two cans of tuna( with mayonnaise and chopped onions). It makes me feel alright until like 5 or 6.

  • fatvegan88
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    I make a protein shake the night before and grab it out of the fridge in the way to work.
  • InkAndApples
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    I don't eat breakfast, prefer to have coffee and then make my first meal of the day lunch (I verge on OMAD out of preference but do tend to graze between lunch and bed)

    If I feel I need breakfast I usually grab one of the protein bars I keep stashed in my desk. Currently obsessed with nut based ones, so tasty.
  • litoria
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    I make a nice big container of bircher muesli : soak oats, chia, seeds, nuts and fruit in milk of your choice + low fat greek yoghurt and you'll have a delicious breakfast that will keep you going for hours.
  • KevHex
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    Protein shake with ground oats.
  • MaddMaestro
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    oatmeal with small fruits
  • Chadxx
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    I was out the door at 3:30 this morning. There is always time and you can also prep it ahead of time. I like making a breakfast scramble with eggs, lean meats, veggies, potatoes, salsa, etc. but I also often have grits with shrimp or sausage and cheese, oatmeal with peanut butter protein powder and sugar free syrup, cottage cheese and chicken sausage or potatoes. I also work out of a truck all day so I just pack my lunch and some tea in a cooler, nothing to it.
  • meg_mindbody
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    Oatmeal or eggs!
  • paulawriteslove
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    You can definitely try overnight oats! You can make them ahead of time and they're really good!
  • icimani
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    Emerald Nuts Breakfast-on-the-Go. It comes in individual packets at about 180 cals per packet and for me, it's enough protein to satisfy me until lunch. My favorite is the Berry, but it comes in several other flavors too.
  • svel713
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    Cook some lean meat and freeze in ziploc bags preportioned. Cut up a salad the night before. The next morning, microwave the meat on a plate as you get ready. Then put it in a pita pocket with some of the salad and run out the door.
  • zjpq
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    I like to take hard boiled eggs or a container of porridge already made up in a container, can reheat, or not if you don't mind it cold
  • womanisadevil
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    Smart ones has a microwavable breakfast quesadilla for 230 calories. I think it has 10 or 12 grams of protein, they're good to have in stock of you wake up late and have to jet!
    The have a few more breakfast products Too, pretty good on calories you could check em out.

    I usually make an egg, Turkey bacon, and cheese sandwich the night before to have.
    Or cut some fruit and put it in a mason jar!

  • vmbourg
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    I LOVE think thin protein bars or Luna "protein" and I usually have a coffee w/ almond milk and a small banana. I eat a snack before the gym and lunch after the gym. Its working for me.
  • happyauntie2015
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    I am a fan of meal prepping. Hubby leaves around 3:30 for work and doesn't get back home til 5pm. We prep muffin tins eggs, shredded chicken, ground beef, and clean assorted fruits and veggies as well as hard boiled eggs and keep low sodium deli meat on hand as well so he can grab and go. I work full-time as well so we just have to carve out a few hours one day a week to do it
  • Treece68
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    Wake up 30 minutes earlier and make something to take with you, or make it the night before you know what you like/can to eat you don't have to eat breakfast for breakfast.
  • passenger79
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    I like overnight oats mixed up with scoop of chocolate protein powder and frozen berries. Egg muffins I make a day before or a chicken wrap work well too.
  • bonsmom
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    Jimmy Dean lights at Costco. It's an English muffin, turkey sausage, egg white, and light cheese with 17 grams of protein. Just microwave and go. Wrap in foil if you don't want to eat right away.
  • gothchiq
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    Get some protein bars and make cold brew coffee overnight.