Looking for keto friends!

I started keto on May 1. I am down 35 pounds. I'm 5'2 199. My highest weight was 260. I'm looking for friends to shar3 this journey with.


  • knutson_ashley
    knutson_ashley Posts: 10 Member
    Hi there! I'm interested in giving keto a try. PM me! I've got questions and looking for a body reset.
  • rosred70
    rosred70 Posts: 2 Member
    Wow! Congrats! Pm me..I just started the keto diet too
  • christinameyer02
    christinameyer02 Posts: 1 Member
    Me too, friend me and we can all do the journey together!!
  • TomKershawUK
    TomKershawUK Posts: 65 Member
    Hi, I'm low carb / keto. Send me a request if you'd like.

  • RestlessDreamJM
    RestlessDreamJM Posts: 4 Member
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    Hey, me too! I've done LCHF before and had fantastic results. I fell off for a couple years and got to 250 lbs at 5'8". I'm back on track 3 months in and 35 lbs down. I'd love to have some friends to compare notes on how to optimize for ketosis.
  • Jim2bFit
    Jim2bFit Posts: 2 Member
    I'm following a ketogenic diet. If you're on Facebook, you may want to request access to the KetoDiet Blog Support Group. It's an EXCELLENT place to start.
  • hellcatbetty
    hellcatbetty Posts: 1 Member
    I started keto on Monday and would love a network of support! 5.5 lbs down so far, although I know that's mostly water weight since I just began.
  • GlindaGoodwitch
    GlindaGoodwitch Posts: 157 Member
    I started in June. 30 days today, and down 12 pounds! 30 more to go :) It's slowed down quite a bit, but I have been told to just keep going and it will come. Patience...
  • AMS58
    AMS58 Posts: 183 Member
    Hi, I have been doing keto for a couple of months and am down 5kg but am struggling at the moment!
  • lynn4900
    lynn4900 Posts: 1 Member
    Getting ready to start keto and would really like a support network to share in this journey.
  • hallsp
    hallsp Posts: 4 Member
    Yes me too would be nice to have a good support network
  • Faith777mfp
    Faith777mfp Posts: 5 Member
    I started yesterday and would love to join a support network. I did keto 10 years ago and lost over 30 pounds. Now I have 50 pounds to lose. I am smarter about doing keto right this time, so the weight loss shouldn't take as long.
  • MrsValdez42614
    MrsValdez42614 Posts: 2 Member
    im starting Keto tomorrow and could really use some tips!
  • Tapout112009
    Tapout112009 Posts: 109 Member
    I've done keto. Pros and cons to it. Seen some good results from it. But switched back to standard diet
  • 1LalaO
    1LalaO Posts: 1 Member
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    Hello I'm starting tomorrow and would love to have some newbie support. This diet is a bit challenging until you can figure out what and how you're going to approach it. Would like to share tips and issues. I'm 5'0 and need to loose about 25 lbs.
  • craniomommie
    craniomommie Posts: 3 Member
    Hi, I started low carb/keto in Jan of this year and so far Im down from 241 to 187 , still have quite a few pounds to go but Im a work in progress ! After changing my diet Ive gradually been adding workouts whether its walking or zumba like classes my best advice is just to keep going , if you have a bad day dont sweat it , but just get right back up and keep trying You got this.
  • snberry718
    snberry718 Posts: 1 Member
    Hey! I'm starting out on keto and have been progressing further each day on getting the carb and sugar counts down. I'd love to be friends! :)