Need to lose 200 pounds! Who else is terrified?



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    Please, Katherine, don't be afraid! You're not alone -- as you can see. I started at 343 and I'm now at 288; it's not a fast project. You're building a foundation for good health for the rest of your life, so take your time and do it mindfully. It won't be simple, but you'll have lots of friends here to help out and answer questions for you. Welcome!
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    Katherine, what your WHY? What is the big reason that you can put on a poster or dry erase board in your room and see every day? Don't answer that - it's private and you can share later if you want. With a big, clear WHY, the journey will become less scary and you won't have to bear daily failures. A big picture helps you not self-blame so much because now it's a "road trip" instead of a six foot fence you're trying to claw your way over.

    I know how you feel right now, I've been there so many times - for 20 years. You do well, then over eat, then self-shame, then repeat. You absolutely have the power over calorie addiction. You can reverse it. I promise you this is true. I used to lay in bed and eat chocolate cake and chinese food late into the night and still be hungry. Then I would look in the mirror and curse myself. Then do it all over again a couple days later. I used to leave my girlfriend's house at midnight, stop at Mickey D's and get a whole meal. Now I weigh food, quit pasta and rice, no longer make big meals and eat it all. I used to buy king size m&m's all the time, I haven't had that in months. It just a waste of calories.

    Be encouraged. You can do this. Get started right away! Everyone on this site is behind you 100%

    DM me if you want to know how I "cheated" with my WHY.

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    To combat the feeling hungry constantly, I suggest drinking water, and doing something that keeps your hands busy (coloring, knitting, musical instrument, etc). Are you drinking diet sodas or other drinks with artificial sweetener? I've found that after I drink a diet coke I feel more hungry than if I had drank just water.

    I've tried sending you a private message but I keep getting a "server" error. I'm facing a similar challenge. I had a car accident last week, and went to the ER because I hit my head and wanted to make sure I didn't have a concussion. Unfortunately, I couldn't get an MRI because their machine has a weight limit of 400 lbs, and for the first time in my life I've creeped up to 405 pounds. So that was a wake up call. My boyfriend is helping me start Keto, along with cardiovascular and weight lifting and he believes that I can do this. I'm not so sure, but I gotta try. My blood work has always been ok, no high blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar issues, so I've taken a laid back approach with my body. But I want to lose weight so life isn't so difficult sometimes. I've always been heavy, since I was a teen. But in the last few years, especially since I turned 30, everything just got more difficult. I have less energy, I've put on about 50 lbs, my knees and back hurt sometimes, my periods got way more painful, etc. So, today is day one in making new habits to do better for my body. I have a hard time imagining hitting my goal (around 200 lbs. I don't want to be "skinny". I quite like curves and softness), so I'm starting small. 2lbs by next Friday should be possible, I hope!

    I don't have that problem with drinks, I go through artificially flavored fizzy waters and diet Pepsi like crazy, with no issues. But I've discovered that fruity gums , (I usually eat sugar free gum) will have that effect on me. It's like I constantly haveto have something sweet, if I've been munching on sugar free gum.
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    As others have said, don't worry about losing 200 lbs. It will happen. Concentrate on doing the best you can on improving yourself right now. Over time, those litfle choicez will help you to improve yourself today. Eventually it will be this week, this month, "Hey I've lost 10 lbs!" I just got rid of a sack of potatoes off my belly and *kitten*!
    If you have a bad day, figure out why, and how to fix it, and start over. You've got this!
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    Joining MFP is a great start. Having goals and being aware of the macro- and micronutrient content of the foods you eat can be a big motivator. At least it is for me. I am right on the edge of diabetes (A1c was 7.2, I have gotten it down to 5.9) and I had a mild heart attack a couple of years ago. So those are big motivators for me. Even so, there are times when I eat for emotional reasons and it is really hard to say "no" when I'm depressed. I try to ask myself, "Is this mouth hunger or belly hunger?" IOW, am I really hungry or do I just feel the need to eat to soothe myself or to feel better temporarily?

    The most important thing is - and I know this is a cliche - take it one day at a time, one pound at a time. You can't lose 200 pounds overnight. But you can lose 1 or 2 pounds in a week. And yes, it will take a long time, but those 1 or 2 pounds will eventually add up to 200 if you keep at it. Even if you slip, even if you fall off the wagon for a day or a week or longer, you can get back on.

    I am much older than you are (from your description of leaving home 6 years ago for college), so I can tell you that if you can find a way to motivate yourself now and get control not just of your weight but of your HEALTH, which includes exercise and positive thinking as well as eating healthy foods in healthy amounts, when you get older believe me your older self will thank your "today self" for taking charge and getting healthy. So take it one day at a time but also think about who you want to be 10 years from now, 20 years from now. Imagine that healthy person that you are going to become. Keep that image in your mind. When you are faced with temptation, think about that future you.

    I hope this helps. Just know you are not alone.
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    Hello everyone first I want to say congratulations on wanting to be healthy.. my suggestion is this set small goals first don't look at it as I have to lose 200 lbs look at it as this week I want to lose 2 lbs .. set weekly goals like water intake and food intake. A goal I had in the beginning was this week I'm going to eat healthy and take soda completely out of my diet .. you will discover that after a week your body will no longer crave the junk and will start craving the healthy stuff .. also please do not beat yourself up over what the scale says because those are just numbers. Some days you will notice that you gain and some days you lose .. how you look and feel is what's important .. for all of you on the Fitness journey keep your head held high and we all applaud you it's a big step. Look in the mirror and you will see your competition only you can change you.. you will not start tomorrow everything starts today you can do it
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    @Knitwif. U r terrific. That's as good as any post I've ever read on a WL board. I've read a lot.
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    Hi, everyone. First, I went though and sent most of you a friend request. No problem if you are not interested! For those of you who are not sure how to send a friend request, do the following:
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    Good luck!
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    Completely understand where you're at.
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    I feel for you, Katherine! Know that you're not alone. One logged day at a time, one food choice at a time, you'll get there!

    You mention feeling hungry right after you've eaten. I agree with the others that it's an issue of our stomachs being stretched from before so it feels like we need more food.

    But I've also found that for me, the act of eating puts me in this "eating" frame of mind, where regardless of my satiety I want to keep eating for the pleasure of it.

    So what I do is that when I feel that way after I've eaten my proper portion I set a timer for say, 30 min, and go do something else. I give myself permission that if I'm still hungry when it rings, I will eat more. Funny thing is, I never have! When it dings I'm usually busy doing something else, I feel full and don't want to eat anymore.

    Try it!
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    I've slowly started dialing back my portions over the last couple months and I've found that it now takes a LOT less to make me feel full. Also, I've realized that the 3 meals a day thing just doesn't work for me. I have a small snack between breakfast and lunch (usually a banana) and sometimes between lunch and dinner. I keep my meals a little bit smaller to allow for the extra calories, but I've found that those little 100-200 calorie snacks help me feel full all day. It takes the stress and anxiety out of trying not to eat. Also, as others have said, focusing on the numbers on the scale can be really tricky. I've found that measuring my progress in other ways is more helpful- like how do my clothes fit, can I lift more, can I run farther, how was my pace improved, what is my waist measurement, but most importantly: HOW DO I FEEL? Hope this helps! Good luck to you!
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    I've posted a link to a great thread to lose 100 pounds. I have about 120 to lose and I've decided to set smaller goals. The site offers some short challenges. Also, be sure to get your thyroid checked. I've had issues for years and I am always hungry because it is hard to get the right prescription.
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    Hi Katherine. Well I managed to lose 120lbs (gained some of it back so trying to relose it) I am not going to insult your intelligence and say it is easy but it is not as difficult as you think it is. Part of you will think you are condemned to be overweight the rest of your life, this is how I felt but it is not true. Rather than thinking you have to lose 200lbs why not think of it as I need to lose 10lbs. I found setting myself mini goals much more motivating than thinking of all that weight as a whole which feels so scary and unachievable. One of the most important things to remember is that you need to get your head and motivation in the right space. You are not going to lose this weight overnight, be realistic in your goals, accept it will take time and most of all try to work with what sort of eater you are for example I am a snacker, I work from home and I pick pick pick. I am a comfort eater too. I know i will not work well on just 3 meals a day so I split my calories up into 6 meals - breakfast, lunch dinner plus 3 small snacks. I eat about every 2-3 hours I find this stops me bingeing. There are going to be days you fall off the wagon, accept that and move on. I add a side salad to my lunch and dinner so make my plate look full. I allow myself sweet treats but I budget for them in my calories and I do try to substitute cookies with fruit. It takes a while for your palette to adjust but it really does. If you must eat something try to choose a healthy option so at least you are getting some nutrition but don't eat things you do not enjoy. Those calories are precious and you should enjoy every one of them. You do not have to go to the gym, I walked and continue to do so. I struggled because of my weight but I built up slowly with short periods of 10 minutes and I lost a bit of weight before I started but you know what? Last September I did a walking marathon for charity around London, yep me that could not walk a few yards down the road 4 years ago actually did a Marathon! It is NOT hopeless, you can do this but you have to be organised, you have to be truthful with yourself and you have to be realistic. Best of luck to you and if you want to add me as a friend please feel free because I totally understand how you feel.
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    my name is raymond and have become morbidly obese in what i call a blink of an eye in my life. I was very athletic most of my life, and very socially active, until about the time i was 30 yrs old. I AM 50 now, and sadly nearly doubled my weight in under 20 years. I hope you're sitting for this...I bought a scale 2 months ago that maxed out at 500 Lbs. and when i received it, i was so excited to finally weigh myself, so that i can begin my journey to start living again. I was tired of missing my 2 sons school events and ceremonies, the worst was that I couldn't attend my youngest sons college graduation, specially because he was the first in my family to do so.
    So, back to opening of the scale...I turned it on, set it down, and stood on it...Tahh Dahh! The scale displayed ERROR, which meant, its over the MAX. Talk about a dagger to the gut! I was so angry, that i repacked it and had it sent back, telling the company that it was broken, and didn't work right. Hows that for being in denial...after a few days, i finally came too, and admitted to myself the very very sad reality of what has become of me. So on a friday, this June i went to visit my Dr(which is really compassionate and helpful). and my journey began that following monday. i started swimming 30-35 minutes 6 days per week, and started watching my food quality, and quantities...On or about July 10, i found this website to help me start logging all my activities, and i also bought a device that helps to keep track of my exercise and calories burned, and let me tell you, this logging in stuff really has helped me, for when i feel I'm getting a little weak in my eating habits, i just look at all the sacrifice and progress I've made. Another thing that helps with eating, or feeling hungry, is that knowing you can over do it, if it's fresh and green. You'd be surprised how many things and ways you can STUFF yourself with and it's very healthy for you. Fruits, Veggies, favorite, making guacamole and using about 4 to 5 Tbs in a GIANT Green Salad(about 12-16 oz of greens).
    NO Cheese, Bacon Bits or get the picture. Heck, add 1/2 c of raisins, walnuts, about 6 oz of shredded chicken and i will bet you, you may not be able to finish it...and you will be stuffed...for a matter of fact, your next meal will come in about 4 hours and you will not be hungry. Oh, and don't forget your daily minimum of 64 oz of water. So in closing, you might be curious on my status, well, you and me see, i decided not to weigh myself for the first time until August 13 of this year...but i can tell you this, I feel much lighter, my clothes drapes on me, and i am not out of breath as easy, and i finally reached my goal of swimming 1/2 mile...of course I'm not doing that for my regimine, It's more like 650 meters per workout in 30-35 minutes is enough, which burns close to 1000 calories depending on my intensity.
    So, you are NOT alone, and like we always hear, someone can always be worse off, so you can make me that person.
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    One thing I earned about myself is that when I eat anything with gluten in it my stomach never registers that I am full. After I stopped eating wheat, barley and rye my stomach now let's me know I've had enough. It was a brand new feeling to me. I had 175 pounds to lose and I have lost almost 100. I don't buy a lot of gluten-free stuff because it is costly but I do buy or else make some gluten-free bread to have when I really want a sandwich. Let me know if you want to know more. It might help you get started.
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    Well for starters, it's not as complicated as everyone around makes you feel. I weighed 226 lbs and its been 20 days and I've lost around 12 lbs. Doing what? Walking a bit. Like literally, i'm not a gym freak. I walk for around 30 mins a day and stay under my calorie deficit, i.e. 1500. I remember the times when every meal of mine used to be around 1000-1200 and now I'm eating that much in a day.(that was like 20 days). So yeah. Its hard, but not ultra hard.
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    I'm in the same boat. Let myself go and now have 190 to lose. I guess i didn't gain it in a day so I can't lose it on a day. I keep telling me myself each brick helps to build a foundation but no one can support a structure on its own.
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    Forget about the 'end result', forget about the overall numbers.... they are big and they feel insurmountable at times.

    It sounds hollow but take it a day or a week at a time... Focus on your food for today ... get over today well ... then tomorrow you do it again ...

    I've not done a single step in excecise yet (knee and ankle pain) but i've just been dealing with this on a day by day basis and i'm down 57lb. Thats a real change... its a change i feel (my trousers are very loose and i need a new belt) ... has it fixed all my problems? No ... do i have a long way to go - i don't care...

    Am i starving myself? NO!
    Am i going through days feeling hungry? NO!
    Do i deny myself cookies or ice cream if i really want them? NO!

    Find what foods work for you in terms of weight loss and hunger. its very personal ... but know that you will go out to parties/events/meals... you won't always be 'good' ... but in the end its a trend ... its an overall progression and eating for the person you want to end up as.

    Forget about the weekly weight loss 'weigh in' ... i've gone through 2 phases now where i started to feel a bit defeated because even though i was sticking to my macros it wasn't changing (3 weeks or more) .... then all of a sudden it seems to catch up ... Weight loss is not linear ...

    I've just crossed through a number which does mean something to me but it is just a stepping stone... i don't know how long it'll be before i get to some kind of goal ... i am not setting one right now

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    I joined a few years ago, lost 40 lbs. Gained some back and since getting my fitbit at Christmas 2016 have lost 15. I'm 47, 375lbs, have Osteoarthiritis. I have a soon to be 5 y.o. daughter, and am married. My wife has MS, FIBRO, diabetes, and back pain. She is a stay at home mom, also overweight, but not has heavy. I work full time. Our biggest problem is lack of meal planning and cooking. I need friends and support. Thank you!!