Eating when bored

I have always had this issue where I eat when I am bored does anyone else have this issue and if so what do you do to remedy it?


  • ambie0817
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    I always want to eat when I watch tv, probably boredom because I know I'm not hungry. I've started checking my Fitbit and telling myself "get another 1000 steps and you can have a snack". By the time I get the 1000 steps I've forgotten the cravings or decided I don't want to eat the work I just put in.
  • sugarstrawberries
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    If I have a craving, I will ask myself if I am actually hungry. This means asking myself how I am feeling (if I am vulnerable to overeating) and how long it's been since I last ate. If I am, then it is time to eat a whole meal, not just a snack, and get sated. By then the craving is usually gone. If I am not hungry, then I know I don't need to eat anything.

    I don't keep snacks in the house that I know I will graze or binge on. Stuff that I can forget about completely.
  • Old_Cat_Lady
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    I just drank a giant glass of ice cold water and the urge went away. One thing that is working for me is planning my snacks and their times on a sheet of paper (not pre-logging, since I change my mind too often).
    I have removed the M&M jar from my kitchen counter.
  • TavistockToad
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    I have always had this issue where I eat when I am bored does anyone else have this issue and if so what do you do to remedy it?

    Find a hobby...
  • pmm3437
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    I tend to graze when I'm not engaged. Passive activities such as watching TV always tempt me to bring out the snacks and munch.
  • leanitup123
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    I'm the opposite. When I'm "bored" (read: relaxing) I find I have more time to focus on what I'm eating. I say when I'm busy/stressed with work and life. Really trying to slow down and focus, though.
  • mhwitt74
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    Sounds like you should just get rid of the boredom problem. Find a hobby or read a book. Find something to occupy your mind.
  • elysiamae_x
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    Sometimes the body gets confused between being thirsty and hungry, and so it's easier for it to tell your brain that you're hungry. However, if you try just drinking one big glass of water, the hunger will go away as you'll find you were just in need of hydration!
  • sofchak
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    I read somewhere on these forums that if you won't eat a plate of veggies, you aren't really hungry. I've been using that as a guiding post when I find myself bored in front of the fridge. Now I will grab a baby carrot and take a bite - if I eat the entire carrot, maybe I am hungry. If I give the remainder to the dog, I know I am just truly bored or thirsty - glass of water and get out of the kitchen! Good luck - I know boredom eating can be frustrating to overcome. However, you truly do have to create new habits though to keep yourself away from grazing when bored (or procrastinating - that's my big problem).