Any one else with Chronic Pain

My Chronic migraines make it hard for me to exercise. I have taken to start walking. Anyone else dealing with Chronic pain


  • mca90guitar
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    I have a bad back and some other health issues that cause enough discomfort for me to skip work outs. Been dealing with both the last 3 weeks but so far a little better this week.

    Sucks but I just do what I can when I can.
  • GrayRider61
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    Yep, DISH syndrome and spinal stenosis. Lot of trial and error to find out what exercises I can handle.
  • rabblescum
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    Yes! Walking or biking have always been my best choice. I was doing c25k before my physical therapist said no because of my s.i joint issues. Any weight lifting using my arms or shoulders can trigger a migraine, anything with too much inversion or bending like aerobic videos or some yoga poses are a no fly. Oddly I was having some luck last summer rollerblading and think might pick it back up. It is a lot of test and hope for the best. My rule of thumb is I'll try anything slower paced, upright, and elbows below my ears.
  • nyponbell
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    My back and left shoulder. Some days are good but most days are not (especially my shoulder) with intense pain to the point where I sometimes can't function properly (although that is also due to the fact that I often can't sleep due to the pain and the pain often travels up into my scull). I have a program from my physical therapist and it helps, but sometimes not - I never know what might set it off; sleeping on it the wrong way, carrying something for too long, etc. I have had it for 10+ years, so I have mostly (but not really) learned to live with it and if I take a yoga class, I skip or change the moves I can't do.
  • koosha1996
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    I have chronic migraines and chronic pain. I have been taking Topamax for years and it allows me to workout and do other things. Before I could not keep up with a workout plan due to the pain.
  • amks3818
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    I suffer from chronic migraines and fibromyalgia. I have to find a balance between what is enough movement to help but not to much to trigger a flare up. Since having my son 10 months ago finding the strength to workout has been hard. Both issues have been very bothersome due to lack of sleep and caring for him, so very worth it though. I am hoping to find the motivation and strength soon and get back to working out. It is a daily struggle but I know one day I will figure it out.
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    amks3818 wrote: »
    I suffer from chronic migraines and fibromyalgia. I have to find a balance between what is enough movement to help but not to much to trigger a flare up. .

    Ditto here. It is a hard balance. I am in the diagnosis process and so much of my body's reaction to exercise now makes sense. I love to run, even if I suck at it, but I suffer afterwards. I do have a pool in my condo complex and have been using that very often, but I need something else.

    FYI... I do dry needling with a licensed physical therapist, and it has been a huge help!

  • bikecheryl
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    Osteoarthritis in both knees.... on list for total knee replacement next year. Biking, kayaking and resistance bands are my best friends.
  • VictoriaEllis1984
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    I have vasculitis, suspected lupus and fibromyalgia so far! Chronic pain, fatigue and generally pissed off my body is busted!! Getting fit and trying to lose my medication weight in spite of my aylements!! It would be great to keep in touch and post weight loss and non weight loss victories!!
  • lizholt326
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    I have had pretty severe TMJ disorder for about 2 years now. Jaw almost always hurts at least a little and it's been well over a year since I've been able to open my mouth as wide as I should be able to. As soon as I get a job (currently looking, recent graduate) I should be able to get dental insurance and maybe start some treatment of some sort. In the meantime, there are so many things I just can't eat. Cant really bite into anything. have to cut things into really small bites. I try not to complain and just power through it and know my limits, but yeah, I understand what chronic pain is like.
  • Archcurl
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    Yes Hi, me. I have chronic pain and chronic fatigue. I just started on this journey here and I am in need of people who struggle to get daily activities done but are losing weight.
  • Sunna_W
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    I have been successfully living with migraines, fibromyalgia for quite some time. High protein and fat / low carb and sugar as well as desiccated adrenal hormone (over-the-counter) and desiccated thyroid hormone have given me my life back. I don't even take Tylenol / Aspirin except when I am super miserable, and, that's not often. As long as I pace myself and move around I can function most days. I also live a "low expectation" life - in that my home may not be super clean and my laundry may pile up - but I am able to work full time and do the weekly shopping. The days I "hit the wall" I just allow myself to stay in bed and rest.
  • SilverSheWolf55
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    I have lupus so I have bad chronic pain. I'm on a quest to lose 100 pounds despite pain. Since April 1st I have lost 40 pounds. Biggest thing I learned was artificial sugar like splenda, stevia etc intensifies pain so I gave that up 100%. Turned sweet tea into unsweet with fresh lemon. Turned plain water into detox water with lemon and cucumber. Turned fried food into baked food. Best exercise has been water aerobics. It has changed the shape of my body, toned and tightened as well. The mind is a big part too. I find motivation quotes and put them on my phone, Facebook, bathroom mirror, truck dashboard, closet door, fridge door and anywhere possible. I remind myself daily that I have to live the life God gave me and I have to take care of the body he gave me. Life is short, never take it for granted. Keep positive ladies!

    THIS!! ^^^^^ I had chronic pain, thought it was fibromyalgia, and so did my doctor. I started eating healthy and taking away "trigger foods", started using turmeric, ginger root, and cinnamon in my smoothies and other foods. This has helped me tremendously. I implement some of what Dr. Josh Axe says. He believes food is medicine, in the right combination. I know a lot of folks seem to think he's a "quack", but I say, "don't knock it, until you've tried it". Hope you feel better soon!
  • JadeQuetzal
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    Me. After a lot of tests that pointed in a vague direction but didn't narrow it down, we're waiting to see if it fades away as the rheumatologist suspects it could have been brought on by my thyroid cancer, and may get better as my body gets used to depending on my medicines. It has been improving oh so slowly, but it's been several years. It used to be nearly debilitating, and now it's more so irritating. One thing that makes it worse is fast food. If I eat fast food after a few weeks without it, I'll be in SO much pain all over (sometimes up to a week later). It also does me no favor to forget any of my medicines. Stretches do help a tiny bit. Honestly, at this point the fatigue is more taxing than the pain, but walking is my go to exercise for now.
  • Kullerva
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    Endometriosis (think: lots of internal scarring, and sometimes it puffs up and bleeds!), scoliosis from leg length discrepancy that went untreated, arthritic pelvis from the same, military neck, scar tissue from two broken legs and a broken rib. I'm twenty-eight...I get around. :)

    I do a lot of PT to strengthen the back and meds (no pain meds, though--mostly vitamins and hormones) for the rest of it. Exercising in water is great. Exercising recumbent (i.e. on a bike) has also help. I walk a lot. I may be able to go back to running (my favorite thing) by the end of summer.
  • HopefulMeD
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    I also live with chronic pain; have for years. It is definitely an impediment to maintaining a healthy weight, not to mention losing. It's very frustrating when it comes to both sufficient sleep so that I'm not hungry all the time, and also an impediment to even moderate exercise.

    I try to do what I can, usually in small amounts, and try to focus on the days that I can do something rather than the days that I can't. But it's hard. It's depressing. It's isolating. People don't get it.

    So... glad to say that some of us do, and we are here to support you through the daily struggle.

    I'm hoping to be able to find a way to do some small amount of water exercises in the next few months. I'm not in a position to do that yet, but I'm hoping.
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    Bling727 wrote: »
    My Chronic migraines make it hard for me to exercise. I have taken to start walking. Anyone else dealing with Chronic pain

    I am feeling with chronic pain, have been for 1 year, 8 months so far. My muscles, all over my body, feel as though they are being ripped apart 24/7. I'm trying to watch what I eat, but exercise, even just walking has become incredibly difficult.
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  • chrissymoore06
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    Hi I have fused bones in my neck, a bulging L4 disk in my lower back and fibromyalgia. I find that yoga is very gentle and helps to losen up before a work out. I try to slowly ease into more strenuous activities. I also walk alot. Or use a non impact machine at the gym like a elliptical.
  • Nykkismommy21
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    Chrinic Pain,Chronic Fatigue. I suffer a low back injury, from being hit as a pedestrian by a truck. Sent me flying a bit,also messed up my left hip. I was an avid walker before that and loved the gym. That was about 5 yrs ago. Two pregnancies in between, and now stuck on Methadone. Hoping to get healthy again and get off the stuff.Exercising ,sweating clears the methadone out some,so yes more pain than usual. Im so unbelievably out of shape,10 min aerobic cardio is difficult. Thinking walking will be my best bet.