Day after carb binge while doing a recomp...

I'm new to the whole recomp thing, so I'm looking for some guidance. I did WW and lost 40 lbs after my 2nd baby, and now trying to build strength and muscle.

Last night I did some emotional carb binging, and I'm wondering what to do today... do I alter my macros to make up for it? Do I pretend like it didn't happen and do a normal day? I'd like to have a plan so I don't restrict too much. Building muscle and strength is my main focus right now. Thanks!


  • cnbbnc
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    When that happens to me I just start fresh the next day. I don't alter anything. I always find that the day after eating heavy carbs I have a great workout, so if there's an upside...that's it for me.
  • sijomial
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    Let it go, forgive yourself and move on, one day is nothing and can't derail you from your goals.

    Call it something vaguely technical sounding like a "carb refeed" or "carb loading" so it has a positive spin on it. :)
  • bbell1985
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    Refeed! Do you workout today? You're going to love your workout if you do :)

    Don't do anything right away. Our calorie intake and expenditure is always fluctuating. If you're a couple hundred calories over maintenance once in awhile, it doesn't mean you'll gain weight necessarily.

    Sometimes after a heavy carb day I DO like to reduce carbs for a day or two. But that's a personal decision because I tend to get very bloaty from them, sometimes even sore.
  • Mezzie1024
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    My workouts are awesome after a heavy carb day. Enjoy!

    No reason to stress over it -- just move forward. :smile:
  • lorrpb
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    Do what you normally do. Figure out why it happened and make a plan for what you will do different next time.
  • Raegold
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    Thanks everyone! I'm doing my cool down at the gym now... I killed it! Today was leg glute day, so I guess it all worked out in the end.

    I definitely know why it happened in the first place... food enablers plus the anniversary of a death in the family... obviously =binging on the 5 lbs of cookies our friends brought. Live and learn
  • swim777
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    It happens..we're human..and then we move on!
  • ccruz985
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    It was only one day so I'd definitely say to let it go and go back to your normal healthy eating. It happened and trying to recompense the day after is the worst and could result in you either bingeing or being a krabby patty the whole day.