Hello! Just trying to get my life under control...

Hey! So I'm 22 and really really really really out of shape...unless you count round as shape. So...yeah...if anyone has any advice for someone trying to get un-fat, let me know!


  • sugaraddict4321
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    Welcome to MFP. :) You'll find plenty of positive stories and ideas here.
  • rabblescum
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    You seem to be on the right track. Wanting a change and making the choice to stick with mfp to log food and increase activity are really the key. Good luck and feel free to add me if you like.
  • humpbax
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    It's not easy but it can be done. If your mind is there, your body will follow. Add me if you like.... still struggling a bit but am still moving forwards!
  • Panda8ach
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    Be consistent. Log in everyday, log all your food, drink lots of water, eat less than you burn and you should be good :smile: You can do this <3
  • StephenKennedy1
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    Set yourself a target calories and stick to it! What weight do you want to be after 6 weeks, put that in and work out what you want can eat. You don't neccessarily have to eat less, but what you eat, and when you eat it is important. I recommend drinking nothing but water that really helps. I lost a stone in a month, hit my target weight quickly, that was hard though, 1200 calories a day, I actually ate large meals but mostly fish, rice and veg, no fruit and no snacking was hard to get used to, had some headaches. No fried food, fast food, sugary food, its hard but if you do it, your body and life change.