Starting to slip

I feel myself starting to slip out of my good habits. I feel like it's a task to continue logging my calories. I will jump in my pool to go for a swim and I end up grabbing a beer and sitting my lazy butt on a float. I haven't quit yet I'm still almost always hitting my calorie goal. But I find myself slipping more of those light beers in my diet. This is my 26th day trying to change my habits.


  • noah49822
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    I need some people to keep me supported and accountable
  • pineapple_jojo
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    Keep at it Noah! It's great that you're still managing to hit your calorie target but at the end of the day it's down to what you want to achieve. If you want to lose weight, all good. If you're trying to live a healthier lifestyle then you're gonna have to get that exercise done.

    Are you following any sort of plan or have any fitness goals you want to achieve? I always do better if I have a goal, it really helps to keep me on track. So for me at the moment I'm doing the T25 workout program and I'm really focussing on that and working through it. Yes of course everyone has off days or even a week (I've had a cold this week so I'm going to repeat this week's T25 next week), but the thing is not to let it get out of control.

    You can still pull this back!
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    Keep logging what you eat and drink no matter what. Too many calories is not a reason to abandon the plan. Good habits need to be defended.

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    I find that being active in the community here helps to keep me reminded of my goals and why I'm doing this. I'm also learning a lot in the process. Try joining a challenge - it helps to keep me motivated if I know I'm going to check in with people regularly. I always find that it is so much harder to do this alone.
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    The thing that works for me is a more long term goal. Doing exercise for its own sake doesn't really work for me, but deciding i wanted to climb a mountain did. Summited two weeks ago. Do you have something long term you've always wanted to do but maybe couldn't? Something to work towards?
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    You can add me. You sound a lot like where I was when i got back on track. For me i just turn it i to a challenge for myself. I mean.. in on fb or YouTube messing around anyway. That takes longer than meal logging.
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    Be brutally honest with your logging. Just keep at it.
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    Log every day. Stop buying the beer if you can? Maybe only having a couple beers on special occasions and events. I've been slipping a lot too the last few weeks. I had mcdonalds today!
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    There's currently open enrollment for The Biggest Loser Challenge group that goes for 9 weeks starting next week
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    Make the choice not to slip. Make the choice that you've put in a lot of hard work and don't have time for these negative thoughts. Get to the gym, log your food. Friend me if you'd like. I'm losing and not turning back.
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    Great ideas above - was in a similar situation and I joined one of the challenge groups and it has helped me a lot. Have a core group of really supportive people who help each other remain accountable and motivated. Keep at it!
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    Man. I get it. Consistency is really hard. I'm spot on 6am-6pm. All my slips happen in a 4 hour time block. I thinks it's important you're talking about it. And I think it's a big deal you're still hitting your goals. Maybe figuring out a way to add beer into your plan? I'm not really an advice giver so take that with a grain of salt. I could use friends too, so add me if you want to. I'm 75 lbs lost from my heaviest, and I think I have about 40 to go. Thanks for your post
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    Thanks for your post, I'm in the same "float" my friend! I've lost 80 lbs total and now that my weight has hit a slowing" plateau" it's becoming a bigger task to follow thru with what I know is good for me, like logging the correct calories and making myself stay active.. I'm trying to remind the fat chick shes still got a long road to go but my good ol brain tries to justify that 80 lbs down from 346 is a damn fine job, and i deserve a reward.. its becoming quite an emotional journey, more than I ever imagined it would. One thing I continue to try &keep in front of my thoughts is the logic behind drinking my calories. It ain't a good habit. i know its senseless. but i enjoy alcohol way more in the summer & next to the water lol. But all the same it still doesn't make it good for me. Feel free to add me as a friend for support!
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    Right there with you. Been struggling since May and have gained back 6lbs. I'm back to where I was in April. Don't give up and kick things up a notch. Look at old pics of yourself and remember how you felt before you started this lifestyle change. From someone who has fallen off the wagon and now completely regret not being stronger I say, "don't cave in"! Push through and make yourself do it. I remember thinking exactly the same thoughts of "oh geeze, I'm starting to slip...." If your not where you want to be, start kicking your own *kitten*!
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    Kitten!? lol I should have said Butt instead.
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    Add me if need more motivation
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    You can do this!
    It takes time to really set good habits. Keep plugging away at logging your food regardless of what the total is. Just do it. Eventually it does become a normal part of your day.
    I've been at this a long time now. I reached my goals one day at a time, and there were times when it got hard. That's when I'd have a conversation with myself and remind ME of WHY I started the journey.
    Right now I'm at a place health wise where I needed to gain some weight and this is kind of freaky to me. But I know that the good habits that I learned over the last three years will keep me in check, because once again; I know why I started the journey.

  • timibotkin
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    I had a really bad week myself...but I started back right this morning... I once heard someone compare losing weight to having a flat tire, they said just because you have a flat tire it doesn't mean you go slash the other three! So what ever you have to do... inflate it,repair it,
    Ochange it, get it done and keep moving forward! That's stuck with me for some reason, even though I feel like this is the 100th time I've changed all four tires, I'm going to keep going and you can too!