High protein snacks

What are high protein snacks that I can eat when I have very few calories left for the day and need energy? I'd hate to just eat deli meat.


  • Fatfurie
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    Thanks! I do like RX bars! They have a lot of fat though. A protein shake is probably my best bet but I have it in the morning. Is it bad to have 2 a day? Also, I'm lactose intolerant so I'm using plant protein or rice protein, and almond milk.
  • Juniper210
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    My go to protein snack is 1 cup of Greek yogurt, pb2, some fruit and a squirt off Crystal light liquid. Comes out to about 27g of protein and about 200 calories depending on what fruit I use.
  • Graelwyn75
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    Cottage cheese, greek yoghurt, quark(actually a cheese but naturally low in fat and high in protein - I mix stuff into it), chicken breast )just keep some in the fridge portioned out to snack on), fuel oatmeal pots (these are high protein and around 200 calories a pot). I tend to prefer getting mine from natural sources so have always avoided shakes and bars and the like.
  • mazdauk
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  • livingleanlivingclean
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    Chicken. Can of tuna. WPI. Egg whites.
  • Fitnessgirl0913
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    I like dry roasted Edamame, in 1/3 cup serving (130 calories) it has 14g protein and 6g of fiber and it is crunchy so it satisfies me!
  • Cbean08
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    I snack on beef/turkey jerky. I also snack on lunch meat or chicken but you can add some other little ingredients to make it less boring-

    turkey, salami and cheese roll ups
    roast beef and mustard wrapped around mini dill pickles
    chicken and salsa in a lettuce wrap
    chicken, feta and cucumber slices
  • cs2thecox
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    Nothing wrong with snacking on deli meat!

    Or is that just me...?! :p
  • misnomer1
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    egg whites for me
  • deannalfisher
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    I just ate shrimp that I sauted this am while I was getting ready for work - about 22g protein - quick and easy (takes about 10min to make including shelling the shrimp)
  • AngryViking1970
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    Beef jerky, eggs, tuna, cocktail shrimp, steamed edamame, cottage cheese...
  • her4g63
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    I like adding a scoop of chocolate protein powder to 8-10oz of greek yogurt and adding in some raspberries.
    Can/pouch of tuna with some lemon juice.
    Dry roasted edamame (sometimes I put hot sauce on them before putting into the oven.
    Hard boiled eggs.
    Cottage cheese.
    Little toothpick things with cheese, tomato, and deli meat.
  • Fatfurie
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    mazdauk wrote: »

    I should make the poached so they're accessible.
  • VeronicaA76
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    I'm weird. I'll literally eat a can of tuna fish as a snack, usually with some hot sauce.

    I used to work rotating shifts for 12 years, I no longer eat "breakfast" foods simply for breakfast or "snack foods" for snacks. Sometimes I'll have chicken marsala for breakfast and typical snack foods for lunch, a pork chop as a snack.
  • marisap2010
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    Cheese, tablespoon of peanut butter
    Find a recipe for protein balls
  • cheryldumais
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    Low fat string cheese - 60 calories usually.
  • Confuzzled4ever
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    Have a piece of fish or some chicken. Low calories, high protein super filling.
  • kellyjellybellyjelly
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    How many calories are you talking about?

    Protein bars (many varieties)
    Sweet Balanced Breaks (usually has cheese, meat, & a sweet dessert kind of item)
    Halo Top/Enlightened
    You could make your own protein ice cream