One thing that boosts your loss



  • Realizing that I don't have to eat "clean" to lose weight. I am allowed my fast food, and ice cream and every other delicious pleasure in the world. I don't have to be deprived, or feel left out as long as I fit it into my day. And if not the day, then as long my week is in a deficit.

    Also, calorie counting and losing weight is not difficult. As long as I am honest and tracking my food I will lose weight. Weight loss isn't some magical thing that can only be fixed by whatever (insert fad diet) you put yourself through.
  • HarlemNY17
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    Consistency is KEY . Be you're own motivation ! Tell yourself I'm gonna do this because this is what I need to do
  • toxikon
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    Saving calories for dinner. I know that I like a big dinner and some evening snacks, so I choose to skip or have a light breakfast and a medium-sized lunch to keep half my day's calories for after work!
  • kristen8000
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    Pre logging. And actually following it. It helps me avoid "pitfalls", it forces me to eat what I make and not wander to the closest food truck, and it helps me meet the calorie goal I want every day.
  • lorrpb
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    Consistency in your eating and exercise.
  • SiegfriedXXL
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    For me it's sleep. My losses stall for irritating amounts of time when I don't sleep well.
  • Christine_72
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    - Food scale
    - A never ending supply of willpower!
  • terryh82
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    scales!!! Logging accurately enables portion control! And exercise!
  • rocknlotsofrolls
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    Knowing you can have your cake and eat it, too, but not the whole cake at one sitting!
  • Monklady123
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    A kitchen scale! Weighing everything, not just measuring, is a real eye-opener. And I weigh everything in grams which makes it easy to put exact amounts into the tracker here because there's always a 1-gram choice on the list.
  • stanmann571
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    All other factors being equal... exercise will make it move.... It may move up(water retention)... It will move down.