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I've pinpointed my biggest problem! I get irresistible munchies when I'm not actually hungry! Like right now my belly is full and happy from lunch still but my body is craving something to eat! I think it's wanting flavor and texture but i don't want to dig too deep into my calorie budget when I'm not needing food for energy. Also gum hurts my teeth so that's a no go. What do you eat when you get the munchies! Looking for recipes and ideas for now and to keep in mind for the future. Thanks!


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    I love making those 100-cal bags of popcorn, and eating the kernals one at a time to make it last- also forces me to slow down and actually enjoy each bite.

    There are other snacks I like (individually-packaged chocolate, mini ice cream cones, chips & salsa) but when it comes to just satisfying that urge to munch, popcorn is my go-to because it takes longer to eat and you can eat a decent volume of it while staying low-cal.
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    Special k, slimfast, atkins, kind bars, and popcorn all make delicious 100 calorie bags. You get more noms to the buck with popcorn tho!
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    Dried edamame. Super crunchy and a surprising amount of protein. I like the sincerely nuts brand on Amazon
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    Homemade Smoked Beef Jerky is my go to snack. I can control the ingredients, so it is not nearly as salty as the commercially available brands. ~60 calories and 8 grams of protein per piece of jerky.
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    Consider setting yourself a time period before you eat anything.
    Say you'll only eat if you still want to in 20 minutes.
    Drinking a glass of water then waiting 20-30 minutes can help.
    Raw carrots are one of my go-to foods. Yes, I can easily eat 1kg+ in a day; but 1kg of carrots should take up a fair bit of space for the 420 calories or so it provides.
    Also, because stone-fruit (nectarines, peaches, plums) are currently quite cheap, I've been eating quite a lot of them
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    I buy a big bag of trail mix and then weigh out a 15 or 20g portion. Eat each piece one at a time while you are at your desk and wait a few seconds before eating the next bit! it's my trick. 15g of the brand I buy (tescos uk) is only 76 calories.
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    I love grapes but have been told not to snack on them as very high is sugar, should I avoid them
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    I'm eating frozen grapes right now. I too like popcorn. I get the lower calorie kind, think it's smartpop white cheddar & sprinkle some grated Parmesan cheese on it. Haven't done this yet, but my sis in law puts 6 different snacks in 6 containers, pre logs them & has them ready for the day
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    I had a Weight Watcher leader one time say if we found ourselves wanting a snack, eat a small apple. If you aren't hungry enough to eat an apple, then you aren't hungry. Maybe doing something physical and drinking water like someone suggested would help.
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    Jolene2706 wrote: »
    I love grapes but have been told not to snack on them as very high is sugar, should I avoid them

    Anything in excess can be a problem but there's nothing wrong with grapes- they're healthy! Someone once told me "No one gets fat because they eat too many apples." Sugar is not evil, especially not sugar from healthy foods like fruit :) Personally, I eat fruit AND chocolate almost every day. I could never trust myself with a bag of chocolate in front of the TV though. But grapes? Sure!
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    One of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given is to drink a glass of water first. Often when our bodies think we are hungry we are actually thirsty. It has worked wonders.
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    four cups of air popped popcorn with a pinch of salt and a quick spray or two of butter flavored non stick spray is like 130 calories for FOUR CUPS (that's a lot of volume).

    You can also go nuts with cauliflour. I love riced cauliflour, very versatile. Nearly a pound of riced cauliflour and a can of chop suey veggies with some soy sauce is like 230 calories.
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    Sliced cucumber sprinkled with Tajin--this awesome citrus/salt/chili spice that we are hooked on!
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    I find it helps to replace whatever flavor is left in my mouth with toothpaste or mouthwash flavor. I think sometimes those hunger pangs that sneak up so soon after a meal are triggered by the tastes in your mouth.
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    I find personally that flavored water helps. Like to cute up some fruit and throw it in a cup of water. My favorite combos are:
    Citrus, lemon lime and orange
    Lemon and rosemary
    Rosemary and mint
    Cucumber and rosemary
    Lemon berry (mixed berries are great for this. When using ones like grapes or blueberries though, cut these in half)

    Or you can do just one of those things. Cucumber water is really good, I only add the rosemary to tone down the cucumber some but if you like cucumber, do just that. Or just lemon. I've found that the best lemons (I forget their name) are the ones that look like lemon shaped oranges because they give the most flavor and it's not as sour.
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    Popcorn, dry cereal, string cheese, and veggie dogs, usually
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    @estherdragonbat may I ask. What is a veggie dog? Lol
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    Vegetarian hotdog.