What are you thoughts on crop tops for the gym?

stacj27 Posts: 71 Member
I'm making crops out of some of my old tees for the gym. I can't decide if the tie should be in the middle or the side. I'd love some advice on subject! Thanks!


  • SomebodyWakeUpHIcks
    SomebodyWakeUpHIcks Posts: 3,836 Member
    Check the Harvard dress code first.
  • mathjulz
    mathjulz Posts: 5,526 Member
    Whichever will interfere less with your workout.

    Although, TBH, I find it more comfortable to work out in a more form-fitting top that is made from moisture-wicking fabric.
  • MichelleWithMoxie
    MichelleWithMoxie Posts: 1,819 Member
    Wear whatever suits you and/or is most efficient for you choice of exercise.

    As far as where to tie it, I literally have no opinion on the subject. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • WanderingRivers
    WanderingRivers Posts: 612 Member
    If you can rock it go for it. I will be over here in my oversized tee and scrub pants.
  • asianolikeyou
    asianolikeyou Posts: 393 Member
    I usually tie mine in the middle for comfort and convenience. It really depends on what exercises you're performing.
  • KosmosKitten
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    Motorsheen wrote: »
    whichever shows the most cleavage.

    * shrug

    This. Must enhance maximum "bounce" without being painful.

    In seriousness though, go with whatever is most comfortable for you. :)
  • cdkelly
    cdkelly Posts: 101 Member
    In the back, in the middle