Anyone ever gone to overeaters anonymous ?

night_owls1985 Posts: 40 Member
Anyone ?


  • night_owls1985
    night_owls1985 Posts: 40 Member
    This sponsor thing makes me nervous , because I don't want to let them down .
  • night_owls1985
    night_owls1985 Posts: 40 Member
    Thank you so much for all this information !
  • kimothy38
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    I did FA for 9 months and lost 40kg. It works and I felt great but the amount of work involved equated to a part-time job, ie weighing and measuring EVERYTHING, ringing a sponsor overseas every single day for 15 mins, attending 3 meetings a week, journaling..... Turns out being thin didn't miraculously fix my life! I fell off the wagon and gained it all back, multiple times.
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    I'd heard of "Overeaters Anonymous" for much of my life, but I always thought it was a bad punch line.
  • SomebodyWakeUpHIcks
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    Anyone ?

    I plan on it after I eat my Jack-in-the-Box breakfast burrito, hash browns and OJ.
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  • aggiepringle6665
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    Yes. My anonymity was broken and I never went back. I do another 12 step program for other issues. I apply those principles to all my addictive behaviour, including over eating