Could use more friends!

Since I don't have any friends in my "real" life (outside of this app) I would like more friends on here that use this app more like social media and still stay active and post stuff, I would like to meet more people here around my age (21) but anyone who sends me a friend request will be accepted :smiley: A little about me: I have lost 18 pounds, I have been struggling with depression for years now and its slowly fading away, I am 13 days nicotine free, 13 days alcohol free, and I will be starting up college in about a week to be a full time student working on my associates degree and I want to major in Nutrition to become a Nutritionist. Like I said I have no friends outside of this app, I have very bad social anxiety and I am trying my best to be more social, I go to the gym everyday and try to smile at people and make eye contact, I tried to do a cycling class but had an anxiety attack and left to just lift weights alone.


  • crawlinkingsnake
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    Been there. 30m. I definitely commiserate with the social anxiety. I have yet to join a gym because I hate the feelings of being judged, so my journeys been alone as well. It's going well, I log every day, and am very goal oriented. I gave up cigarettes several months ago and never really drank.
  • Sketchcity
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    I'm 23 and looking for a buddy to text daily about weight loss
  • amy5ka1h
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    I also struggle with social anxiety. I am also older (37) but know the extra motivation would help me reach my goal. Feel free to add me:)
  • iamkachelle
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    Noel_57 wrote: »
    I have fillings in my teeth older than you -
    ^^^this made me laugh so hard :D:D:D:D ! All I can say Jonathan is that it does get better over time. You have to conquer your mind when it comes to social anxiety which can be tougher than weight loss by itself. Great job on taking the first steps. You can add me if you like. Best wishes ;)
  • charrisxx
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    I am 20 and would also love more friends on MyFitnessPal. Anyone is welcome to add me
  • CarolineBarnard
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    I am also 20, and till today I did not know how to find people who use MFP, so I would like to have MFP friends
  • Mirelle242
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    Hey there I'll add you and anyone else can feel free to add me too. I'm 25
  • Kermiya
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    Hi! I'm new here and also looking for friends for support. I'm 19 and also a college student that has trouble with social situations. Feel free to add me! I would love to talk with you or anyone here :)
  • roseysuperior
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    I'm a full time college student, down 50lbs but still have a ways to go.

    I agree on the friend front - anyone can feel free to add me & message me anytime.
  • LeLoupVit
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    Good on you for taking big steps to achieving your goals! That's very motivating, so I'd like it very much if you add me.
  • AlmaEkene
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    Hi, I'm also new here and looking for friends and support. I'm 24. I think what you're doing is really bold and admirable. Keep it up. Feel free to add me up. :)
  • paganhippie
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    I'm 27 and I've used this site before, but just recently joined again. I'm trying to lose weight from my pregnancy (5 years ago). I don't have any friends in real life or on social media, but I'd love to make some friends here and get support. Please read my post before adding me :)
  • lou_lou1979
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    Hi, I’m 38 and new to these forums , feel free to add me!
  • TexasTallchick
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    Recently widowed and struggling with memory problems, but super motivated to lose weight and be healthier. Anyone can add me! I post every day, but not too much that it’s annoying!