Recommend resources to read up on bodybuilding?

Besides reddit's fitnees sub and here, any other good forum or site where I can go to gain more knowledge on body building?


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    It kind of depends. Some of the gurus specialize in strength, some specialize in size, some in simply being aesthetic, some more on nutrition. I don't know of any one site I would use since most of them have tons of garbage and broscience, I'd look into following one of the "gurus".

    John Meadows
    Jason Theobald
    Alan Aragon
    George Farah
    Chris Aceto
    Hany Rambod
    Charles Peloquin
    Dave Palumbo
    Kevin McDowell
    Ken 'Skip' Hill
    Austin Stout
    Jack LaLanne
    Phil Provenzano
    Chris Aceto
    Bret Contreras
    Charles Glass
    Dorian Yates
    Hany Rambod
    Layne Norton

    *Disclaimer: Some of them know far more about how to work with steroid users, so take some of it with a grain of salt. Some of them still promote broscience (but some of it still works). There are many I'm sure I forgot.
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    Great list above. One more to throw in.
    Brad Schoenfeld