I hope my story inspires others.

I wish I could say the process and lifestyle change was easy. It wasn't. In 2005-06 I walked into a gym with my cousin who encouraged me to make the trip and hopped on the scale at 352lbs. I damn near had a heart attack. He showed me the ropes and I became obsessed with weight lifting. I dropped all the way down to 250lbs by my 22nd birthday. Weight lifting and working out with others became my strong suit. However, nutrition WAS NOT and even tho I lost 100lbs I didn't see any of the results I anticipated. It was frustrating/heartbreaking. Weight fluctuated for the next 6 years. In and out of the gym, eating "clean" and having cheat days as if the world was going to end. And then my world came crashing down. I lost my mother in 2013 to cancer. Gym and diet was an afterthought for over 2 years. I gained all my weight back. Working 2 full time jobs. In 2015, another cousin of mine(frank) approached me and asked if I could show him the ropes in weight lifting. I was happy to do it and to be back in the gym. I gained a lb in 2 months. He asked me if I ever tried counting calories but I was always lazy to do so. He introduced me to an app, "myfitnesspal" where you can log in your food and it helps keep track of your desired caloric intake and does the counting for you. Life changing. Day 1: food diary: 6000+ calories and I was supposed to be at a deficit


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    My story was too long
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    My story was too long

    Your story needed paragraphs :)
    But it's a good story. Thanks for sharing.
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    Incredible!! Great work!
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    fabulous effort
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    Great job!
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    amazing and inspirational - thank you for sharing!
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    Thanks for sharing
  • Great post, you've come so far :)
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    Wonderful job- you are an inspiration.
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    Very inspiring
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    Great physical and mental transformation! Congratulations!
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    Well done!
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    Great results and yes inspiration for sure
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    You might weigh 0.5kg more but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have gained 0.5kg of fat, it could simply be that you are retaining more water at this week’s weigh in.

    Are you also taking body measurements? A lot of people find that more helpful, since it is possible to start shrinking without it showing up on the scales. the 3 week diet

    You don’t need to diet on non fast days, but you do need to make sure you eat sensibly (below your TDEE).

    I wouldn’t worry too much after one week, but if you don’t see a loss at week two (or a shrinking waistline/ clothes starting to feel easier) then you may need to review what you’re eating each day to see if you over eating.

    My advice, don’t panic! It does work. Good luck.
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    Your story is as long as it needs to be. Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment.
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    Well done and congratulations on your achievement. Very inspirational.

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    You have moved yourself into a better you and your story is great!
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    Congratulations! !!
    Thank you for being honest.
    I think my overeating are "cheat days like the world is ending".
    I gotta do this...thank you for giving me some extra motivation tonight!
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