Depo Shot

Hi everyone ! So, hopefully this isn't tmi but, I started the depo shot a year ago and have gained 50 pounds !! I am currently off of it but, I read online it doesnt leave your system for 12 weeks. Its been about 10 weeks since I've been off. Has anyone had any luck losing weight on or just getting off depo provera?


  • capaul42
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    I started my drop a month after I started mfp and lost steadily for 9 months. Had no effect whatsoever.
  • maggibailey
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    I gained weight on the shot too. I realize the shot didn't make me gain weight (before everyone says it for me). The double cheeseburger from macdonalds I ate every afternoon on my way to college did! But the shot made me hungrier all the time and my willpower just didn't keep up with it. After the shot I was pregnant in 5 weeks so I think they exaggerate about how long it's in your system. But once off of it my appetite went back to normal so yes you can lose the weight. Just stop eating that double cheeseburger :smile:
  • GinaDanielle98
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    Not sure whether being on depo had increased my appetite or had any contribution to my weight gain in the past year or so BUT I have been on the injection for around 3/4 years and have had no problem in my recent weight loss goals! I've lost at the estimated rate, doesn't seem to have made it harder.
  • Treece68
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    The Depo will make some people hungrier and increase cravings it does not in itself cause weight gain. So by eating less and counting calories you can still lose weight.
    I was on it for a year and I did not get those feeling any more than I usually do.
  • I was on the depo and gained 70 pounds, I am still on the depo and I have lost 50, it does increase your appetite but if you keep your willpower you will lose
  • ranmalih
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    I started the depo in January this year, it didn't make me gain weight and now that I've been using MFP for a couple months, I've been losing weight. So yes weight loss can be succesful while on the medication. I don't think it's made me any hungrier either, although the mood swings did get worse initially.
  • tweekedgirl
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    I've been on the depo for coming on 9 years now and although my weight has fluctuated, I can definitely say the weight gains were down to my unhealthy lifestyle as opposed to being on the shot. Being on the depo hasn't stopped me from losing weight when I buckle down and log accurately.
  • SerinaW
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    I was on the shot for about 3 years, was in my early 20s (like 21-24ish). Basically my metabolic prime, I was active duty, and knew the essentials on healthy living and how my body worked/what worked for me. Yes, you CAN be successful with weight loss, and I was, but it was a lot harder for me during that time. I got off of it due to headaches, and my weight loss went back to normal with less effort. I read later it can cause slow weight gain for some women (not sure why, unless just increased hunger), but I had slowly gained about 20 pounds in those 3 years. I don't remember increased hunger, I just remember struggling more than usual to lose. Can't remember how fast it left my system but it was soon enough to notice the difference and know it was related.
  • Kobusm521
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    Thank you everyone for the responces, I'm feeling a lot better. In the past, I've read forums where people went on and on about not being able to lose the weight BUT, this really motivated me!!! Thank you thank you thank you !!