Has anybody tried Velashape treatments after weight loss? I'm curious to hear peoples opinions


  • Old_Cat_Lady
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    The first page of the site states it's temporary. Why bother?
  • quiksylver296
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    My opinion is that it is a waste of your money.
  • sarahshinks2233
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    I had it done after surgery. It hurts A LOT and may not work.

    Basically works as such: a vacuum is attached to a hose with different shaped nozzles, wider and flatter for legs and narrow for arms. The vacuum is set up to pulse suction and release on an interval. The nozzle is run over the area for 5 or so minutes. Your skin in sucked into the nozzle repeatedly, which causes some irritation and pain.

    (This part was described to me by the Dr, so it may be wrong). The body may or may not send a inflammatory response to the area to fix any damage from the repeated pinching. The idea is that it would also tighten up the skin in the process... how true that is, I have no idea.

    I felt like it helped with my particular healing process, but I'm not really recommending it for any other purpose. I asked the nurse about whether it would firm or tighten my skin anywhere else, and she said that it really is temporary for that purpose and they don't recommend it for that.
  • bonshont
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    Thanks guys, as I said I was just curious to see what people thought. I've lost a lot of weight relative to my height & build naturally but I've heard a lot about Velashape from other moms. Thanks for your comments.