Hi I'm looking for a substitute to eat instead of chips when I want to Crave chips for a snack also I'm looking for a substitutes for when I want something sweet any suggestions?


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    There's nothing wrong with crisps/chips, unless you can't stop at one bag ? (the ones I buy are 25g) I eat 'em but I make them fit into my calories.

    Substitutes: fresh fruit / greek yogurt / nuts /seeds / roasted chickpeas with chilli for flavour / pop corn / peanut butter with sliced apple etc. Anything can be a snack, some choices are more calorie dense than others. Set aside some calories from your daily budget for your snacking.

    My snacks usually add up to 400 calories.
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    Kale chips are light and crispy. It take trail and error to get the just perfect and they don't keep well. But are light and crisp like Lay's chips. Their are tons of recipes out there and you can even buy them premade in some stores. I find the most variety at health food stores.

    My Mom wanted to do the Zero Sugar plan. They suggest 1/2 cup Nature's Path flake cereal + 32 60% Cacao dark chocolate chips for sweet snacks. And 1/2 cup Nature's Path flake cereal + 2 Tbsp. peanuts + chili powder for savory snacks. I tried them both and it is really good. The sweet one sorta reminds me of a chocolate chip cookie if you use your imagination. I add garlic powder and cayenne to the peanut one; it's a nice spicy and savory snack. They suggest only one of these snacks a day.
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    If you are really craving salt, a few olives do the trick.
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    If you're okay with the sodium dill pickle slices are excellent
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    If you are really craving salt, a few olives do the trick.

    100% This!
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    I bake my own zucchini chips sometimes.
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    roasted seaweed - crispy and salty.
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    Sometimes when I need chips and salsa or I'll die, I'll use mini popcorn or rice cakes to scoop up salsa. It works. As for sweets, I'll eat a small piece of dark chocolate, chelate Silk, or if I'm really hard up, spray a small sauté pan with a shot of cooking spray and brown a banana in it, then sprinkle with cinnamon.