Changes to face - your thoughts?

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From an independent point of view, anyone care to comment on the two pics of me:

(A bit different lighting etc I know.)


I did think looking at the second picture, that I perhaps did look "a bit gaunt". My ex and some people at work have commented the same too.

Rather than those that have known me for many years (including myself); interesting to see other's views.

The first picture was taken two and a quarter years ago - the second a couple of months ago.
13 stone or so in the first, 11 stone or so in the second. (182lb/154lb, 82.5kg/70kg.)

That puts me at a very central BMI - it's perhaps offset a little by having a larger than average frame, but medically still a 'healthy' weight.

Thoughts either way aren't going to change anything for the moment - my plan always was to stick at around this weight when I got here and there's other aspects I'm quite happy with.

(When I can sort out some ongoing issues hope to get back on the weights and then will be trying to put some weight on, probably not going below my current body fat.)

And for the record... I've got a *big* meal planned soon, so was keeping until that as CICO if my body is working normally would dictate gaining 1-2lb from that, but will be moving to taper and then find maintenance after that.
First weigh in for ages was just a smidge under the 11 stone last week and this week actually 10 stone 12lb (152lb, 69kg)... so I had some icecream and a bigger dinner today :).



  • Ironandwine69
    Ironandwine69 Posts: 2,432 Member thought don't matter then..
  • geebusuk
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    Not if you're only offering those thoughts in the hope I'll base my behaviour on them!

    However, if you'd like to offer them so I can better understand how people view me, then it would matter to me for that purpose :).
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    Personally I think you look better in the top picture. In the second one you are looking too lean in the face although the rest of your upper body looks similar in size.
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    How tall are you?
  • Seffell
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    I like the first better two. But you were younger too. And the hat is different etc. lighting as you said...
    Maybe in person it is different. It's just a picture. Everyone has worse and better pictures.
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    Cheers for the thoughts so far :).

    I'm 6 foot.

    (Well *just* under, but close enough for it to round to that :) )

    Of course, I have been on a sustained though gentle calorie deficit since November, so back to maintenance and some time may change things.
    Ie - I've noticed that I've probably got less loose skin on my belly than when I weighed a bit more a few years ago, but had just got down to that. That too also hoping will get even better over time (though it's really not bad at all now, just very slightly 'looser' than it could be.)

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    I'm with @middlehaitch. There is a noticeable difference between the two images, but I don't think the big hat in the second image is helping the look either. :) Two friends of mine, who were both large, lost loads of weight about 10 years ago, and I remember the first few times I saw them (I only see them a few times a year) they looked terribly gaunt and unwell. I think it was a combination of me not being used to the difference, and of their faces not having yet settled into their new look. They look totally "normal" and healthy now, and haven't out any weight back on, so I say just give it time...
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    I like how you look in the first pic but I don't think you look sick or anything in the second pic,,just thinner
  • Christine_72
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    You look better in the first picture. Yes, i think you look gaunt in the 2nd.

    Are you 6" and 70kgs?? That's pretty light for a male at that height.
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    I think you look thin in the second picture you posted, but when I look at your profile pictures I don't think you look thin.
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    There's definitely a change. I don't think you look *too* thin in the second picture, but you do look thinner. I can see why people might be concerned, though -- I know I had similar reactions when I got to a similar BMI, and even I startle myself on some days/some views.
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    I got down to my goal weight last year, and the one thing that looked terrible was my upper body, from my ribs up including my face. I got the gaunt/haggard comments and friends of ours pulled my husband aside and concerningly asked if i had cancer... I didn't even have that much to lose to begin with (15kgs)! But being in my mid 40's and having a skinny/bony face does not a good look maketh.
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    152 for a 6" man with a larger frame sounds very very low. I know a few men that height and even the slim ones are over 180. My first take was that you looked a little gaunt in the second pic but I think its maybe more productive to go by how you feel and your overall health .
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    Personally I like no1.. your face is obviously thinner in no 2
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    I think your body has yet to adjust too your new normal. Yes you look maybe a little gaunt in the second picture but I'm sure it will go away with some time. Give it about 6 months, then compare a new pic to this one and if you do t like what you see, gain a little.
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    I like pic 1 better.
    I'll be in your shoes as well. 5'11, dropping from 84 to 70kg. Currently at 77. I plan to not stay at 70kg for long, will start bulking as soon as I hit goal.
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    Just out of curiosity, why did you decide to go from 184 to 154? I'm 5'11" and currently weight 180~. My goal is hopefully reach 170~ at some point. I just echo some of the comments around here in the sense that it will take time for some people around you and even you to get a use to your new you. If you are happy, though, that's the only thing that matters.
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    I think that if you had always looked like the 2nd pic, no one would've thought anything about it. But in comparison to the 1st pic, I'd have to agree that you look a touch gaunt.
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    you definitely look sick/not well in the second pic - 154lbs for a 6' man is incredibly light...I'm guessing you don't lift?